I have always loved cats. I think that there are cat people ( people who like cats) and dog people ( people who like dogs). I'm definitely one of the cat people. Cat people are often artistic, they are rebels and they admire cats because cats are such totally independent creatures.

A domestic cat needs you, but everything has to be on its terms. A cat is a very proud being, as a matter of fact you can never own a cat. Sometimes you get the feeling that you are granted the courtesy of living with your cat and not the other way around. It is never possible to completely understand a cat, a cat is kind of a higher being, it is a very mysterious creature and you can never completely know what's on its mind.

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A cat is also basically a very happy living creature. Can you think of anything as beautiful and tranquilizing to look at than a sleeping cat? I think that no other living creature can attain such a perfect peace of mind.

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Read The Naming of Cats, a poem by T. S. Eliot.

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