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The second Colosseum album was released in November 1969. It marked the starting point of new progressive label: Vertigo. Valentyne Suite was released in a batch of three albums, and the other two were Juicy Lucy (VO2) and Manfred Mann Chapter Three (VO3).

Since The Kettle and Valentyne Suite appeared on the first US album, a totally different album, The Grass Is Greener, was released in 1970.

Like the first album Valentyne Suite reached #15 on the UK album charts.

The version above (Bronze HELP 4) was released in 1972. Several other issues exist.

In 2004 both Valentyne Suite and The Grass Is Greener were issued as a double CD with three bonus tracks

Valentyne Suite YouTube:
Valentyne Suite Part 1 - Live from Montreux 1969


Vertigo VO1
Side 1

1    The Kettle (Heckstall-Smith/Hiseman)
2    Elegy (Litherland)
3    Butty's Blues (Litherland)
4    The Machine Demands a Sacrifice (Litherland/Heckstall-Smith/Brown/Hiseman)

Side 2: Valentyne Suite

1    Theme One: January's Search (Greenslade/Hiseman)
2    Theme Two: February's Valentyne (Greenslade/Hiseman)
3    Theme Three: The Grass Is Always Greener (Heckstall-Smith/Hiseman)


Dave Greenslade: organ, keyboards, vocals
Dick Heckstall-Smith: saxophones
Jon Hiseman: drums
James Litherland: guitar, vocals
Tony Reeves: bass, producer

with string ensemble directed by Neil Ardley on Elegy and Butty's Blues

lyrics by Pete Brown

Gerry Bron: producer


Valentyne Suite Deluxe Expanded Edition
Sanctuary Midline SMEDD097, 2008
CD1 - Valentyne Suite

1    The Kettle
2    Elegy
3    Butty's Blues
4    The Machine Demands a Sacrifice

    Valentyne Suite:
5    Theme One: January's Search
6    Theme Two: February's Valentyne
7    Theme Three: The Grass Is Always Greener

8    Arthur's Moustache
9    Lost Angeles

CD2 - The Grass Is Greener

1    Jumping Off The Sun
2    Lost Angeles
3    Elegy
4    Butty's Blues
5    Rope Ladder To The Moon
6    Bolero
7    The Machine Demands a Sacrifice
8    The Grass Is Greener

8-9 BBC Top Gear, 18.11.1969
broadcast 22.11.1969
For more information see
The Grass Is Greener

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