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James Litherland left Colosseum after Valentyne Suite, and formed Mogul Trash. He was replaced by Dave 'Clem' Clempson, who had earlier played with Bakerloo.

The album Valentyne Suite was not issued in the USA, mainly because The Kettle and Valentyne Suite appeared on the USA version of Morituri te salutant. This presented Colosseum with the opportunity to record some new material with Clempson. Thus The Grass Is Greener features four new tracks and the tile track with rerecorded guitar parts by Clempson.

The Grass Is Greener
Dunhill DS-50079, released 1970
Side 1
  1.     Jumping Off The Sun (Mike Taylor/Dave Tomlin)
  2.     Lost Angeles (Dave Greenslade/Dick Heckstall-Smith)
  3.     Elegy (James Litherland)
  4.     Butty's Blues (James Litherland)
Side 2
  1.     Rope Ladder To The Moon (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
  2.     Bolero (Maurice Ravel)
  3.     The Machine Demands a Sacrifice (Litherland/Brown/Hiseman)
  4.     The Grass Is Greener (Dick Heckstall-Smith/Jon Hiseman)

Dave Greenslade: organ, keyboards, vocals
Dick Heckstall-Smith: saxophones
Jon Hiseman: drums
James Litherland: guitar, vocals on Elegy, Butty's Blues and The Machine Demands a Sacrifice

Dave 'Clem' Clempson: guitar, vocals on all other tracks
Tony Reeves: bass, producer

with string ensemble directed by Neil Ardley on Elegy and Butty's Blues

Gerry Bron: producer

Elegy, Butty's Blues and The Machine Demands a Sacrifice are the same versions as on Valentyne Suite
The Grass Is Greener has new guitar parts oberdubbed by Dave Clempson
The other four were recorded late 1969 (Bolero and Lost) and early 1970 (Sun and Moon)
Bolero, Rope Ladder To The Moon and The Grass Is Greener were issued in Europe on the compilation
The Collectors Colosseum in 1971. Also on that LP was Jumping Off The Sun, but with vocals rerecorded
by Chris Farlowe in the summer of 1971
The Valentyne Suite deluxe reissue gives the composer credits for Lost Angeles as
Farlowe/Greenslade/Heckstall-Smith, some months before Farlowe joined Colosseum
The composer credits for The Machine Demands a Sacrifice omit Heckstall-Smith on the US issue
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