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Out Of The Blue LP

Last updated: August 21st, 2003:

Chris Farlowe's new album is Farlowe That!
It is a really great album - his best this millennium!

Colosseum are touring Europe in the autumn
and releasing a new album.
Go to Temple Music for details

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Check out Jeannie Crane's Atomic Rooster pages! You won't regret it,
because they're well done and have lots of info and photos!

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Chris Farlowe (born Essex, England, 13.Oct.1940, real name John Deighton) is one of the great underrated British soul & blues influenced singers. With a career in its fourth decade he more than deserves to have his own webpage. So far I have not been able to find such an animal. And I decided to make one.

The best thing that's out there on the Net can be found at Delerium. Among the incredible amount of information found in the "psychedelic" archives there's some useful information on Farlowe. Of course there is a discography at the All Music Guide. The Ultimate Band List has this page listed, and Martin Payne's link to it.

In my early teens I found Chris' version of the Rolling Stones' Out Of Time curiously appealing, but it wasn't before Chris joined Jon Hiseman's Colosseum that I really understood what a  great singer he is. What really hit me was the double LP Colosseum Live, which also has the great Dave Clempson on guitar. Colosseum must have been the greatest band in those days. And still is since they've reformed in THAT line-up. I'm trying to keep my  Colosseum page as up to date as possible...

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