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Several Rolling Stones singles were released in Finland during the Decca period, in fact most of the Big Hits were issued here also. It will take some time to make it complete but I'll keep working... It seems that all the Stones information has not been collected before. Additional info welcome, email to Tapani

Most records are imported to Finland. In the sixties it was common to find Swedish, German, Dutch, British, French pressings of records sitting in the same bins. LPs were often also imported from the USA. For this reason the Finnish record collector typically has a very mixed collection.

The Finnish Decca singles were pressed by Musiikki Fazer. A typical example is shown in the image below.

DECCA SINGLES (incomplete)


F 12104 The Last Time
Play With Fire
F 12220 Satisfaction
The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
F 22265 Get Off Of My Cloud
I'm Free
F 12331 19th Nervous Breakdown
As Tears Go By
F Paint It Black
Long Long While
F 12497 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow
Who's Driving Your Plane
F 12546 Let's Spend The Night Together
Ruby Tuesday
F 12654 We Love You
F 22825 Street Fighting Man (misprint "Sreet")
No Expectations

Fin19NB.jpg (24004 bytes)
The Finnish singles label

ALBUMS made in Finland

THE BEST OF THE ROLLING STONES: details  coming soon

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