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Yamaha CS-80 tone selectors
Yamaha CS-80 preset Brass 3 animation

Yamaha CS-80 preset tones:
No external effects were used. Sizes of the files are ranging from 14 to 66 kilobytes.

String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4

Brass 1 Brass 2 Brass 3


Electric Piano


Clavichord 1 Clavichord 2

Harpsichord 1 Harpsichord 2

Organ 1 Organ 2

Guitar 1 Guitar 2

Funky 1 Funky 2 Funky 3 Funky 4

Yamaha CS-80 user tones:
Some user tones and examples of CS-80's performance features. External effects (reverb, delay, compressor, pitchshifter, etc.) were used on most samples.

Polyphonic aftertouch Few keys are kept pressed down and more pressure is given to single keys, one by one. (198 kb)

Portamento and glissando Two keys are pressed in sequence. After the first note is played, portamento is switched to glissando (64 kb)

Ring modulator in use (225 kb)

Warm bass This is actually the preset, treated with compressor and amp. simulator. (55 kb)

New age flute (143 kb)

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