Minozzy Tintomara S46830/2004R red bitch, *8.6.2004, Knees:0/0, Eyes:Ok J1
Breeder: Karin Sjödin Sweden Kennel Minozzy, Owner: O. Lämsä

S&N CH Vitterklippens Eddie S57516/2001 S&N CH Tatong's Don Corleone S21870/2001 DK CH Tatong's The Exorcist DK07416/99
Tatong's Bloody Mary DK23122/96
S&N CH Red Gem's Carmensita Mia S36974/95 S&DK CH NORDV-95 Sherex Red Revolution S47416/93
Red Gem's Cherry-B-N'-Cider S45132/93
S CH Twee-Dle-Dee Peach Shaver S38362/99 S&N CH Bluepepper's Terri-Er S15240/99 US&FIN&S&CA CH WW-98 EUW-97 Eager April Thunder AKCSBRM50128
FIN&S&INT CH SV-95 Bluepepper's Roosa SF05177/92
S CH All The Best N20208/93 Zellamere March Past Brimartz N27280/92
N CH Twee-Dle-Dee Tribute To Norway S39942/88