FIN&S CH Avocation Coma Benerices FIN41647/99, red bitch, *28.10.1999, knees:0/0 eyes:OK -01, -03 -05.
Owner: O. Lämsä

FIN CH Avocation Dragon's Ninja FIN10131/96 Eyes:OK INT&FIN&AUS&DK&PRT CH EUV-94 PLSG-94 Tahee Red Dragon SF21805/91 ANKC1124654 AUS CH Moomba Red Butch ANKC896155
AUS CH Tahee Rhapsody NRed ANKC837060
Avocation Tenessee Night SF12366/94 FIN&S&AM CH Tatong's Eclipse of the Moon DK16519/92
FIN CH Avocation Red Kamilaroi SF03804/89
FIN&S CH Avocation Safir'N'Steel FIN15696/94
Eyes:OK -95, -98, -03
USA&FIN&S&AM CH Tatong's Eclipse of the Moon DK16519/92
Eyes:OK -94, -97, -00, -03
INT&DK&KLB&FIN CHU UVV92 KBH&EUV91 Tatong's Silver Moondancer
INT&DK CH KBHV91 Ibeth Orange Blossom DK4138/89
FIN&S CH Avocation Samantha Fox FIN40279/92
Eyes:OK -94, -98
INT&FIN CH Borchorst Filipino DK23282/89
Eyes:OK -91, -95, -97, -01
FIN CH Lapstar Kitty FIN29526/87
Eyes:OK -95