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Joni and the dogs
"Fanny" the scout
Summertrip to Pello
Holiday in Sweden
"I love you!"
Riikka and "Paavo" practising for the show
After the dinner
Mr. "Basil"
Anne, "Piika" and "Taneli"
in our backyard
Sisters in agility practise
Rasmus' birthday
Elina and aussies
Sissi's and Vilma's play
Silppuri in mouse-hunt
.. and her father S Ch Aussiet Rufus Red
The colors of autumn
.. some more, autumn 1999
Basil & Kiia, summer 2000


Kiia and Basil surfing the net / Kiia ja Basil surffailemassa netissä


Miina as a little girl / Miina pienenä tyttönä