Golden Mist Total Eclipse

Wicani Northern Lights

Venla's and Marco's puppies were born 31.8.2007.
2 tricolour- and 1 sableboy. 1 tricolour- and 1 sablegirl.

Venlan ja Marcon pennut syntyivät 31.8.2007.
2 tricolour- ja 1 soopelipoika. 1 tricolour- ja 1 soopelityttö.

Photos of puppies (3½ weeks old)


Avocation Northern Pearl "Nuga" 3 months old

Puppies are 8 weeks old in the photos below:

Avocation Northern Charm (bitch):
Eyes: mild CRD

Avocation Northern Soul (male):
Eyes: very mild CRD

Avocation Northern Joker (male):

Pedigree of this litter