Makedepf90 is a program for automatic creation of Makefile dependency lists for Fortran source code. Makedepf90 supports MODULE:s, INCLUDE:s, cpp #include:s, f90ppr $include:s and coco ??include:s and set-files.

The original idea was to provide the same functionality for Fortran as

gcc -MM *.c
does for C. Nowadays Makedepf90 actually supersedes this functionality, making me wonder if I should extend makedepf90 to support C and C++ too ;-)

For a more thorough description, see the man page

Bugs & Limitations


Makedepf90 is written in C. It should work with little or no changes on most Unix- and Unix-like systems (including MacOS X, according to reports I have gotten) with most standard (ANSI C89) compliant C-compilers. (I have, however, myself tested recent versions of Makedepf90 only on various GNU/Linux systems, using various versions of gcc, because that is all I use myself nowadays.)

Some parts of makedepf90 are written with the help of flex and bison. You don't need these tools unless you are going to make modifications to the source code.


Latest version is 2.8.8, released at June 13, 2006. See the NEWS-file for development history.

The source code can be down-loaded from here:

Pre-compiled binaries (I might update them some day ...)


Makedepf90 is free software; it can be copied, used, modified and (re)distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, also known as the GPL.

Future plans & ideas

I won't have time for active development of Makedepf90 for the foreseeable future. When I do get time, I intend to rewrite the parser from the ground up (the current parser is a fragile, unmaintainable mess of workarounds). I will try to fix bugs as they appear, but don't expect any new features (unless you implement them yourself, of course.)


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