"No Coming Back" 7" is out now! Get it from Hell's Tone Records.


Our new t-shirts arrived today, click here to see the design. The sizes are from S to XXL and girl's sizes are from S to L. On next week we'll have some hoodies as well. The design is the same as in t-shirts. The shirts are now available on Hell's Tone Records (htr at lprhardcore dot net). T-shirts are 12 euros and hoodies are 30 euros. Ask for our buttons and stickers too. "No Coming Back" 7" is ready to go to pressing in next week. See you tomorrow in Pori!


Happy new year everybody! Things are finally starting to roll. "No coming back" 7" single should go to pressing plant by the end of the month. Along with the 7" comes new merchandise (t-shirts, buttons and stickers). The models of the t-shirts and buttons will be online soon.

Another One Dead is doing a Finnish tour with Worth The Pain to celebrate WTP's upcoming full length album called "To the bitter end". That album will be one of the best finnish hardcore releases so far. Be sure to check it out! You can find the tour dates at the gigs section. Some dates are still subject to change. AOD's new merchandise and hopefully "No coming back" 7" as well will be available on the gig locations.


One new gig and review added: Rokkizine (4/5)


Last saturday we recorded vocals for our upcoming "No coming back" 7" single. Hopefully it'll be out before Christmas.

Here's couple of reviews of "Come what may": Noise.fi (4/5) and Asice (2.5/5).

There's also some video and photo material available from our gig at LPR hardcore summerfest 2007. Check out the Media and Pictures sections. Thanks to Pekka and Jani for those materials.


We play at LPR hardcore summerfest on this Friday 20th of July. Our gig starts at 21:30. Don't miss our show! See you in the pit!


Since we haven't seen any reviews of our new album yet, we let you to decide how it sounds. We put a brand new song called "Loved by few" online from our new full length CD "Come What May". The song features BB King from Black Betsy on guest vocals. Give us feedback of what you think about the song. "Come What May" is now available on Musta Maija Records and Hell's Tone Records for only 10 euros. If you don't own it yet, order it now! Have a nice summer and see you at LPR hardcore summerfest.


We have 7" single called "No coming back" coming out on Hell's Tone Records in late summer. It contains two reproduced and re-recorded versions of our older songs. The title song "No coming back" is a classic from 1999, which hasn't been officially released before. The second song is from our first MCD. This release will be extremely limited edition with a blood red vinyl and a big central hole. Remember, you've been warned, the end is near!

We are also on a couple of different compilations which will also be out later this year. And finally, we have a special treat for all of you coming out during this summer, but more information about that later.


One new gig added.


We've had some great gigs lately in Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Tampere. Thanks to everyone who showed up at the gigs, all the bands we played with and eveyone else involved, we had a blast! Huge and sincere f*ck-offs to those two wankers at Tampere who made Vesku look like a panda bear. If you ever happen to run into those low-life, no good scumbags, feel free to beat the hell out of them and remember to invite your friends to the party!

As you may have noticed the site has been renewed. There's some new stuff online, take a look around. You can now download "Burden" from our new CD "Come What May". While you do that, go to Musta Maija Records or Hell's Tone Records and order the CD.

Thanks to Sanna and Jaki, Harri Nurmi, Minna Raitavuo and everyone else who's sent photos or whose photos we are using without permission.


Kujavääntö III was insane and fun as hell, thanks to everyone involved! This Friday we do it all over again with Cutdown, Last Laugh and Downspin at Husaari, Lappeenranta. Check out the flyer of the gig. Last but definitely not least, our full length CD "Come What May" is out now! Order it from Musta Maija or Hell's Tone, or go and buy it from your local dealer!


"Come What May" is out now! Order it from Musta Maija Records or Hell's Tone Records, only 10 euros! Do it now! There will be some new A.O.D. t-shirts available at Musta Maija really soon.

The record release show of "Come What May" as well as Cutdown's new CD "Always intact" is tomorrow at Factory, Helsinki. Black Betsy and Last Laugh are also there to raise some hell. Be there! And the next weekend we will play on our homefront at Husaari, Lappeenranta.


After two years of blood, sweat and tears, after hundreds of hours of work and drunken beers we're finally holding our debut full length cd in our shaking hands. The official release date is 23th of March. We want to thank everyone who's been helping us out thru' out this project and everyone who's been supporting us along the way.


Check out new song "Burden" from the upcoming album!


Hello folks, it's finally happening, our full length cd "Come What May" is coming out on March. You can now pre-order the cd and the brand new t-shirt from Musta Maija Records for 18 euros in Finland and 20 euros elsewhere, carried straight to your home. Don't miss this offer, 'cause the shirts are very limited.

The legendary "Kujavääntö" is also back! Part 3 will be held at Factory, Helsinki on 24th of March. We will play there with Black Betsy, Cutdown and Last Laugh.

This site will be fully renewed during this spring, so we won't be updating this site that much anymore (like we haven't been doing in few months;). The news and the gigs sections will still be updated as well as our Myspace site. The new site will contain helluva lot cooler outlook and lots of new stuff.


"Wake up call" 7 inch compilation is out now. Order it from On my own records. It's very limited edition, only 500 copies made, so be quick.

Today we started to record vocals for our forth coming full length cd "Come What May".


Our new song, "Choking (on the leftovers of pride)", from "Wake Up Call" 7" compilation available for one week at On My Own Records' Myspace website.


Thanks to the organizers of LPR Hardcore Summerfest and everyone else involved. We had a great gig even thou' I got a cramp in my thigh during the show which slowed me down a bit. The pit looked freaking insane, huge thanks to the maniacs who made it happen. It would be great to get some photos from our show, so send us if you have any.

Our song, "The Means", will be released on a Dennehy records' compilation in United States. Other bands featured on the compilation are Black Betsy, 1984, Last Laugh, Kickback, Human Demise... Check out Dennehy's Myspace website. Thanks to Rich for taking us on the compilation.

The full length CD, "Come what may", and the "Wake up call" 7 inch compilation are still on their way, so be patient.


The 4 way split 7 inch with Another One Dead, Black Betsy, Worth The Pain and Loss Of Humanity is on its way. It'll be released later this summer by On my own records. We have one brand new song on it called "Choking (on the leftovers of pride)", it's the heaviest shit we've done so far. Order our t-shirts!


Another One Dead -logo t-shirts are available now at Musta Maija Records. The price is only 12 euros. Go ahead and order yourself at last a piece of clothing in which to get married, before they run out.


Alright, so our forth coming album will be released by Hell's Tone records and Musta Maija records. Check out the brand new website of Musta Maija Records. We are still trying to get the album out on June/July.

It seems that our next gig will be at Lappeenranta Hardcore Summerfest on 7th or 8th of July, here's the site of the festival. There are bunch of new pictures from our latest gig at Pori, thanks to Häkki, Markus and Jussi K. for the pictures.

We recorded one new song about a month ago called "Choking (on the leftovers of pride)", it'll hopefully be released really soon. I added some pictures from the recording sessions of that song, thanks to Aki for those pics.


We just returned from Meri-Porin mettistä. The gig was amazing, we were ymporipäissää and we caught tippori. Thanks to Ville and Jussi, all the bands and everybody whom we drank with. Step up to keep your kebab!


At the moment we're recording a new song, which you will hear soon. I must say that it's one of our best songs so far.

We have a gig in Pori on 18th of March at Beartown hardcorefest 2006. The fest starts on Friday 17th of March and there will play at least five other bands (Black Betsy, Breamgod, Down My Throat, Last Laugh and Satura Lanx) beside us during the weekend. Come to Pori and spend a weekend filled with beer and hardcore, what could be better than that.


Hey, go to media section and watch video collage(WMV, 38 MB or 25 MB, 10 minutes) of our gig from Joensuu, 3.12.05. Sound quality is quite crappy but otherwise the video is really entertaining. Thanks to Hellsten and Ilari for their effort.

I have been collecting flyers almost 15 years now, so I gathered all the flyers I had of Another One Dead and did a flyer section which contains flyers along the way from our first gig to this day, take a look.


I added a few pics from the 1st round of Kujavääntö. Thanks to Harri and Markus who sent the pictures. Check out the flyer of Kujavääntö round 2.


Last Friday’s gig ,"Kujavääntö", was one of the best and craziest gigs I've ever seen or played. Thanks to everyone who participated. Once again we would like to get some photos of our gig, send us pictures if you have any.

The second round takes place in Lappeenranta on 17th of February, 2006 at Husaari with the same line-up. Be sure to be there if you missed the first round.

And yes, we have finally set the date for our forth coming full length album. It comes out on June 2006 through Hell's Tone Records. The album is titled "Come What May". Release parties will be at Lappeenranta Hardcore Festivals on June/July(the date of the festivals has not been confirmed yet). After five years of silence we are finally putting some new music out. That's definitely something worth waiting for. We also have a few surprises planned for this spring, but more about those in time...

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