Another One Dead come from the eastern town of Lappeenranta, Finland, only about 20 kilometers from the Russian border. The band came together in the fall of 1998, and after a few weeks of playing and figuring things out formed a solid line-up (though it has suffered a minor change afterwards). The members of Another One Dead have all been playing in different bands before, but never has the outcome sounded as convincing as with this combination.

The band's influences are old and new hardcore alike, as well as some metal. Some of the influences are easier to pick up on than others, one that you can't avoid hearing is metal. Tight stomping guitar parts with some innovative technicality are Another One Dead's backbone. The music is straightforward, blunt and honest hardcore and things are said the way they are, without holding anything back.

The two Another One Dead tracks on the Building A Legacy compilation got positive feedback and gained a lot of attention for the band. The hype that started with a rehearsal tape in 1999 turned into solid recognition. On december 2000 Another One Dead self-titled MCD saw the daylight. Although the band wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome of the release, it got positive response. MCD left a bitter taste since the band knew that they could do a lot better. Even though the sound quality wasn't as good as possible, the songs were still hitting hard.

On fall 2001 the first guitar player, Antti, left the band. Jussi, who had played bass before, started to play second guitar and Jyrki joined the band as a new bass player. That's the only line-up change that the band's gone through.

After the line-up changes Another One Dead played some gigs here and there, but the primary emphasis was in writing and rehearsing new material.

On 23th of March 2007 the band's first full-length cd "Come What May", which is a totally independent production (except for mastering), saw the daylight. It was engineered, recorded and mixed by AOD's guitar player, Vesa Sinkko, and the songs were produced and arranged by the whole band. The recording sessions (50% of them powered by numerous bottles of beer and booze) took place at Rottala, AOD's rehearsal place.

The band is very pleased with the output and happy that the hard process is finally over and out of their minds. Now the focus is on gigs and writing material for their next full-length album, which shall be released by the end of 2008. It will be a celebration for the band's 10-year-journey.