Anne Rongas 


and greetings from the south-eastern corner of Finland. I知 studying Science of Adult Education in the University of Helsinki and finishing quite soon. 

I知 already working as a teacher in an upper secondary school (for adult students). In our evening school we are organizing a lot of distance education.

I致e also myself studied several web-courses. It痴 not so nice only meet in the internet but in this situation (work, family and 200 kilometres to Helsinki) this is better than nothing.

My favourite hobbies are cheap ones: thinking, reading, writing, drawing and swimming. And sometimes saving the Globe (difficult... and more words than real acts).

I知 not very typical university student (the age is not peculiar in our faculty) because I知 also an ecological farmer with my husband (have been already 17 years). We have tree children: 19, 16 and 11 years old.

I see that nowadays studying is quite an individual project and many students are very lonely - even suffering depression. The best results and the most wonderful learning experiences one can find with others. I feel, I知 not so creative alone as I知 in a good team. (In Finland teachers are working almost always alone in upper secondary school, which I find boring.) 

Collaborative learning is the top thing for me. 
Together we are more!

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