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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the In Nomine system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

After writing a lot of material to my In Nomine campaigns I at last desided to HTML the documents I have written.

All the material is in finnish. I intend to make english translations some day, when I have the time. I hope I'll have the time... But if you really want to know what happens in these scenarios, you could write me (or you could also write if you have anything to ask about these pages):

The historical campaign:

First I ran an introductory campaign. It was designed to create a background for a set of older angels, most of the scenarios have been set in modern times. Anyway this was a set of six scenarios, each set in different place and time. I was fascinated with the idea of a short campaign set in various times and places in European history. It seems half of the scenarios are set in France. I don't know why.

The historical scenarios:

- The first scenario was set in Rome around the year 40. The idea was that there was a demonic tether too close to a potential angelic one. The characters of course should do something about the matter. This is a quite simple scenario.
Rooma v.40
- The next scenario was set in the eastern part of the kingdom of Francs in the year 715. It was also the year Uriel's crusade began and this scenario deals with the beginning of the Crusade, a small village infested with bandits and destinies and fates of both human and angels.
Frankkien valtakunta v.715
- Third scenario was set in Clermont (in France) in the year 1095. The characters are searching for a renegade demon while pope Urban II is going to give his sermon that called for a great Christian expedition to free Jerusalem.
Ranska v.1095
- Venice, 1451. A Soldier of God needs help. His son has been kidnapped by demons and the archangels want the characters to help the Soldier, since he has been a lot of help to many of them. Includes revengeful demons.
Venetsia v.1451
- The French revolution. I couldn't run a campaign running through history without including the French revolution. The idea was to find what was going on in a small (fictional) french town. There had been a heightened amount of demonic activity in the area.
Ranska v.1793
- London in the year 1880. The archangels want the characters to investigate a gentlemens club in which there is something strange going on...
Lontoo v.1880

Next I started to wonder what Eli has been up to between the years 1960 and 2000. I came up with one possible solution... And of course a campaign followed. These texts include bad fiction. You have been warned...

I really recommend you read the campaign logs. This campaign got some quite nice turns from the planned version.

Info on two important NPC's
The starting point
A meeting
Two archangels
Finding an angel
A seneschals tale
Anothet tether with it's problems
Another meeting
Some crazy servitors and their doings
Eli gets caught
Bits and pieces
A Fall
A look at the situation
Happy end (?)

And here's a combination of campaign logs and ideas for scenarios (and whole campaigns). At one point I decided to combine the two, and it would have been to certain extent almost impossible to separate the two. I don't have the time or enthusiasm to write all this again. These are long.
The idea of this set of campaigns is my version of the Fall of the Malakim . I like my version better. This has btw nothing to do with the Revelations cycle book (except for the name).

- this ones a look back in time. One of the characters tries to correct some mistakes made.
- in this one the characters decide to find out where Janus has vanished. And they actually do find out what happened.
Freeing Janus
- so, after the trip Downstairs I decided to run a heavily modified Feast of Blades. The basic idea of demon prince imprisoned in a dagger was still there, though. The running of this took actually more than one session and ended... badly. For the characters
First session
Second session
Third session
- as said, that story ended badly: one of the characters was imprisoned in Hell. Others decide to help, wich was not a good idea. Oh yeah, this is the story where you can find out why I decided to call all this the Fall of the Malakim. In case you wondered.
Rescuing mission gone bad
Rescuing mission gone bad, part two

And then there's the fourth set. This was some sort of combination between some ideas I picked up and a bit of my own added to the mix. This really is just the background story, if you want to know more you should read the campaign logs.

First a trailer I made of this campaign
And then the background story
A couple of NPC's crucial to the story

There was a fifth set of scenarios, but at some point I stopped writing down what happened. As th material doesn't contain even half of the things I planned, I won't put the fifth set here.

And finally I'll put the campaign logs here. These are long, in finnish and so on, but they do give an idea what really happened in the campaigns. Things do not go as the GM would plan them.

Year 40
Year 715
Year 1095
Year 1451
Year 1793
Year 1880

And then the campaign logs for the campaign of Eli's doings. As usual the actual happenings had sometimes very little to do with my plans. Oh well, at least everyone enjoyed this for the most part (I hope). Most of this is in finnish.
My texts are not that interesting, but you really should check out the texts written by some of my players.

- one of the player's wrote a story of his characters investigation on Eli. His character was an angel of Dominic, and this is part of what he came up with when asked what his character had been up to since the year 1880. This is in english!
An investigation on Eli
- then some background stories, some of it in english (and written by the same player who wrote the story above)
- Okay, then to the actual happenings of the first session. Some of this is actually quite funny, though it may be that you had to be there. Anyway, it's not everyday a character angel kicks an archangel (and gets away with it).
Session 1
- After that session a letter ended up on Dominic's desk. Again this is written by a player and this is in english. After the letter Dominic wanted to chat with the character, the discussion is also included here, though I think I could have done a much better portrayal of Dominic if I would have given this more thought.
The letter and discussion
- The next session. This proved to be quite interesting. I hope the players enjoyed it too. This is a long text.
Session 2
- The third session, problems in a boy scool
Session 3
- The fourth session. I really like an epic style of storytelling, you know.
Session 4
- The fifth session. When everything has already gone all wrong, it's worth the try to do something right.
Session 5
- And the final session. Really all about trying to wrap it up.
Session 6

The fourth campaign and it's logs.
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8

And then the new campaign. I got some new player's and started first with old campaign ideas (with a few modifications). Therefore in the historical scenarios and in many scenarios after that you could read the background material from above. After one point though I just started to make so many changes that I'll have to add (some day) the new background material for all that.

Okay, first the logs for the historical campaign. I tried tyo put these in 6 parts, but this program didn't co-operate with me, so it's in one part. Sorry. After the historical campaign are the logs for the campaign in modern time. That is also in one big part. Maybe some time I'll fix thus. Maybe. Anyway, some contain material written by my players. Those are in different font (and there is also the difference that the texts by the players are actually sometimes good). :)

The historical campaign
The campaign in modern times (up to 23.11.2003)

Some NPC's, archangels, player characters, things written by players and the obligatory bad fiction. The player characters are written by the players, I have nothing to do with those.

A demon general with a srong sense of loyalty

A strange NPC, who ended up being a demon after all in the actual campaign. This NPC's 'friend' is even more strange.
Seraph Zebadiah (a player character) managed to help Aranye and her friend. Here's most of the story (a discussion).

One of my favorite NPC's (whom I never overused, I think). This one I managed to play as planned.

One more NPC. This was inspired by something I saw on the In Nomine post list
Do not read this if you are playing currently in one of my campaigns!!!

A couple of versions of Zebadiah (seraph of Judgement). These are in english.
Zebadiah, Angel of Justice
Zebadiah, Angel of True Love

Another player character. This is an ofanite of Gabriel

A few archangels of my own.
Andrealphus, archangel of Love
Zimran, grigori archangel of Song

So, in one of the campaigns I ended with a fallen malakite prince of Oblivion. Here is some general knowledge of him (no Band attunements, attunements or distinctions. Sorry). Oh yeah, this is written by a player, but I liked the story so much that I thought this was what happened to the malakite who actually fell.

When we were playing the historical campaign (from Rome in the year 40 to London in the year 1880), I asked the players to tell what their characters were doing between the sessions. This is what some of them came up with. (These are IIRC in the campaign logs, but here you get them almost without any of my edits)
The adventures of Sadrak
The diary of Zebadiah
The history of Iturea

Oh yeah, this is a table for determining randomly the successes or failures in missions between sessions. I'm not responsible for this one.
The tables

Some data of Shemaiel
A story of an angel's Falling Shemaiel as the Angel of friendship
Angel of friendship
And finally some bits and peaces of Shemaiel's thoughts and some other info.
Bits and peaces

Oh, and if you for some odd reason would like to know more about me, here's a link. The contents are in finnish.

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