Seraph of Judgment

Angel of Justice


Corporeal: 4 Strength: 10 Agility: 6

Ethereal: 4 Intelligence: 10 Precision: 6

Celestial: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12

Word forces: (A lot?)

Vessels: Human male/3, Human female/3

Attunements: Seraph of Judgment, Seraph of Creation, Incarnate Law, Heavenly Judgment, Silence of Grave, Angel of Justice

Vassal of Consciousness
Angel of Justice: Angel of Justice can automatically detect any injustice, which is being committed within his Celestial Forces x 10 yards. When touching a being the Angel of Justice can also detect the most unjustified act, which that being has committed during his life and which has not been restituted or for which the being has not been justly punished.

Bring to justice a being, which has committed an unjustified act.
Cause an unjustified act to be restituted to the victim.
Aid an outcast angel, renegade demon, fallen angel or a demon to redeem and to begin restituting their former unjustified actions. (+3 essence)

Zebadiah is a Seraph and has been around some 2000 years. And one can truly say, that he has been around. After finishing his basic training with Dominic's troops Zebadiah was ready and eager to serve the Judgment, to seek out heretic angels and otherwise unquestionably follow his Master Dominic's orders. And so Zebadiah sought out those braking the law in order to bring such persons and beings to the Judgment.

The first event, which began to raise questions in the determined and rather one-track mind of Zebadiah was one involving a distinguished Master of Dreams Jelial and the object of his love, which happened to be an ethereal spirit. Unfortunately the Seraphim Council had just recently taken a decision to banish ethereal beings from the corporeal plane. Like a dutiful servant that he was, Zebadiah immediately reported his findings to Dominic who in turn decided to send a party of Uriel's Malakites to remedy the situation. Well, the situation was indeed solved as the Malakites attacked Jelial causing his heart to brake and soon thereafter Jelial fell. According to the latest reports Jelial now serves in the forces of Lusifer and has been granted the word of Nightmares of Lost Love. It was little consolation, that Uriel was soon called in front of the Seraphim Council to answer for his actions and taken to the Higher Heavens.

Ever since this event, which according to Zebadiah's understanding was unfortunate and where Zebadiah's own actions, even though they were in accordance with Dominic's orders and the service protocol, did not seem right, Zebadiah has been keen to question, whether his actions have been justified or not. Even when acting in triad duty it has not been easy for Zebadiah to decide, what would be a justified punishment for each violation of law. Therefore Zebadiah was quite content, when he was in the beginning of the 1800's assigned to quite an independent role in investigating potential cases of heresy. As a result of these comprehensive investigations, which even in the case of Marc seemed to result in quite a satisfactory outcome, Zebadiah was even considered for the vacant word of Investigations.

However, destiny, or perhaps fate, seemed to have other plans for Zebadiah. In addition to his quest for trying to act in a just way, another thing troubled Zebadiah. In Zebadiah's opinion there was something wrong which the general atmosphere in Heaven. It seemed to be, that each Archangel had its own agenda and only seldom did their servitors operate together and even during those rare occasions the common theme seemed to be an attempt to further each Archangel's own cause irrespective of any common goal, which could have been established with some effort. However, Zebadiah considered even more alarming the general distrust, which was being felt by many of the other angels towards the servitors of Judgment. Zebadiah confronted Dominic on this issue and tried to the best of his abilities convince Dominic, that Judgment could be better served, if some modifications would be made to the investigating and judging practices, which would have according to Zebadiah's understanding made the Judgment more just. Dominic was not impressed and in fact began to question Zebadiah's loyalty to the Judgment.

Although Dominic's concern was unwarranted, the special attention shown towards Zebadiah resulted in harassment by a small party of corrupted angels of Judgment. While Zebadiah began to investigate the allegations of corruption amongst Dominic's servants the persecution got even worse and finally the corrupted servitors of Judgment were able to convince Dominic to order Zebadiah to be jailed on the count of heresy. Zebadiah was beside himself and demanded to be able to see Dominic himself, but the corrupted angels insisted on Zebadiah being placed in Will Shackles, a demonic invention, which would sap the wearer's will to a point of not being able to resists any order. Since the apprehending triad was among those strongly suspected by Zebadiah for corruption, Zebadiah felt as if he had been placed in an impossible situation. Zebadiah decided, that his duty to discover the truth and to try to discover the heretic angels outweighed even his duties to obey Dominic's apparently authentic and perhaps even just Judgment. So Zebadiah after a mighty mental struggle broke his heart and with the held of Eli's alliance was able to escape his persecutors. During the time of Transaction* Zebadiah served in Eli's troops and although Zebadiah's actions may have left something to be desired, Zebadiah's attitude and commitment was much appreciated by the Archangels belonging to Eli's alliance.

After the Transaction even Dominic's own position was uncertain. Quite understandably it was Michael, who most determinately demanded Dominic to be stripped of his word of Judgment. Demands were also being made, that Dominic's word would be changed to Justice instead of Judgment or that another Archangel would be trusted with the word Justice, which would have meant that Dominic's formerly sole authority to judge would have been effectively divided between two Archangels. This proposal may, Dominic's strong resistance notwithstanding, have received almost unanimous support, but there was one fundamental difficulty. Nobody with sufficient skill and reputation was willing to take this new position. This may have been at least partially due to the fact, that this new Archangel would have been an instant target of Hell's attacks, not the least Asmodeus', and in the turmoil Heaven certainly could not have endured the loss of another Archangel.

So while the Judgment issue was still under heavy debate with no satisfactory solution in sight, the Seraphim Council finally decided handle Zebadiah's case, which after all was at least partially connected with the fate of the Judgment. After Zebadiah had stated his case, with the attention for details only found with Seraphim, it seemed obvious that Zebadiah would be accepted back to Heaven. Among other more important issues the Seraphim Council had to decide on what to do with the Seraph, and since the Council was already short of ideas, Zebadiah opinion of the matter was inquired. Zebadiah response to the question was, that he wanted to do whatever he could to further justice in Heaven and other planes of existence. Particularly Zebadiah wished that he could somehow try to offer restitution or a second chance to those, who had been unjustly driven from Heaven, if possible. Zebadiah also expressed his desire to make sure, that such miscarriage of justice would never again take place in Heaven. It was only logical that the next thing was, that Zebadiah announced himself available for the much debated word of Judgment. Seraphim Council was surprised, to say the least, by this blunt announcement but it received immediate support from the newly acquitted Archangel of Creation. The reinstated Archangels of Death and Song along with the redeemed Archangel of Love, whose opinion was not paid very much attention, since he seemed to be still rather overwhelmed by the Heaven itself, expressed their support for the appointment of Zebadiah to the position of a wordbound. Therefore the matter was, despite strong resistance from Dominic, taken under consideration by the Council.

After rigorous interrogation concerning Zebadiah's past actions, present thoughts and intentions in relation to the furtherance of the word, if he would be appointed to the position of Angel of Justice, the Seraphim Council was quite impressed with Zebadiah's commitment and determination. Even Dominic, who had been the most vigorous interrogator of them all, had to admit that the words of this rather young Seraph had the ring of truth in them. However, there was still the question left concerning the role of the Angel of Justice in the organization of the Judgment. Taking into consideration Zebadiah's background and Dominic's furious objections accompanied with the common concern of the future of the already tormented Judgment it was clear, that the position of a superior was clearly not possible. At this point it was not surprising that the finally accepted proposal was presented by Zebadiah himself.

Although the Angel of Justice is on one hand just another wordbound, on the other hand he definitely is not. Zebadiah is the, although often quite silent but unwavering and determined, voice of Justice inside the Judgment always seeking signs of injustices and if any are found, quick to take affirmative actions. Dominic himself prefers to have Zebadiah present, while making difficult judgments, because Zebadiah has a very keen eye for anything unjust. Zebadiah also has taken it as his personal duty to regularly interview all servitors of Judgment assigned to triad duty, just to make sure that no one slips. The only regret Zebadiah has in this relation is, that his resources are limited.

In addition to the elimination of any doubt of injustice in the ranks of Judgment Zebadiah also has other, more personal agendas. Perhaps in order to restitute the wrong, which Zebadiah feels he himself was at least partially responsible, when Jelial was driven to fall, Zebadiah is determined to offer any fallen angel a second change, if they are willing to accept it. While Zebadiah' first concern is those treated unfairly in relation to the events connected with the Transaction, Zebadiah has set his sights to going though all angels who have fallen. Yes, all fallen angels, which means that the list is definitely long and in some stage things are bound to get very difficult.

A separate issue, which Zebadiah has taken to his heart, is the regaining of trust to the Judgment. Zebadiah feels that such trust can only be achieved by integrating all Archangels' views to the work of Judgment. To achieve this purpose Zebadiah has arranged with most of the Archangels that certain servitors of Judgment spend limited periods of time in service to other Archangels in order to achieve a better understanding of the principles of each Archangel. If Zebadiah's principles are successfully executed, there should always, whenever an angel is being judged, be one member in the triad, who has earlier been in service to the Archangel, whose servitor is being judged. Zebadiah is convinced, that this better understanding could also promote the trust on the Justice being served in every Judgment. Zebadiah also encourages the servitors of other Archangels to serve some time with the Judgment since this should, according to Zebadiah's understanding promote the understanding of Judgment among the angelic choirs.

Takaisin Annan In Nomine sivuille

*) After certain rather extraordinary events which resulted in Marc, the Archangel of Trade trading his title to Marc, the Demon Prince of Deals along with such additional goodies as, additional word forces and the removal of such irrational restriction as "fair trade". It's all about the money, profit margins and gains, after all! However, in the turmoil the Heaven accepted the redeeming Andrealphus, the former Demon Prince of Lust, who was after some very heated debates granted the word of Love and superior status to go along with it. Along with Andrealphus came two long lost Grigori Archangels Azrael, the Archangel of Death and Zimran, Archangel of Song, which were after even more heated arguments pardoned from their earlier judgment of being turned into outcasts. Back