Essential websites:

Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri - The theatre where you can see Tapio on stage.

Aviisi archives - An interview with Tapio (in Finnish).


Music related websites:

Dan Fogelberg - One of Tapio's favourite singer/songwriters.

Eric Clapton Official site - One of the greatest guitar players of all time.

Jackson Browne Official Website - A brilliant songwriter.

Junkie Doll - An unofficial Mark Knopfler website.

Mark Knopfler Official Website - The man who is responsible for Tapio's initial interest in guitar playing.

Nuclear Netclub - The unofficial website of the great Finnish progressive rock band WIGWAM

Neptune Pink Floyd - An excellent Pink Floyd site.

Notes From the Edge - Official website of YES.

Pink Floyd - The popes of prog!

Spock's Beard Official website - One of the greatest rock bands ever!

Sting - The band's favourite songwriter and a major influence.

The Most complete Pink Floyd page - Enough said...

Tubular Net - A fantastic Mike Oldfield site.

Studio M - A site where you can listen to webcasts of great music!

Working on it - A great Mark Knopfler website.


Personal Websites:

Kari Laakso's homepage - A friend of Tapio's