The Eclipse was founded in august 2000 after a series of strange coincidences. Tapio and Tatu were sitting in the same train on their way to see Sting who was performing in Helsinki. They started talking about music and found that they had similar interests. An idea about playing together was discussed. A few weeks later Tapio was again sitting in a train on his way home from the Pori Jazz Festival when he met Topi. It turned out that Topi was a friend of Tatu's and that Tatu had already mentioned the possibility of playing in a group. The three guys got together and Miikkael (or Miku as he is known to his friends), who was a friend of both Tatu and Topi, joined the rehearsal. The band jammed a few blues numbers and it sounded terrible. Tapio had a song he had written, which was later to be named "The End of the Trail", and he suggested that they should try to play it. Again it probably didn't sound very good, but they all realized that during those few minutes they had played together something new and original had been created. After the rehearsal plans to form a group were never discussed. Somebody just asked: "When can we play again?" And one of the guys replied: "How about tomorrow?" And after that they would rehearse regularly for the next six months.

During the autumn of 2000 the band recorded a few rough demo tracks at the local conservatory in Kuopio. They sent the demos to a talent competition for young bands. The name The Eclipse was decided just moments before the demos were handed in. Shortly after this the members of the band found themselves playing their first ever concert in the finals of the battle of the bands. It was quite a successful debut. They won the competition and received three days of free recording time at a local recording studio. The verdict of the judging panel at the competition stated simply: "Everyone else came here to rock. The Eclipse came to make music."

The results of the three days in the recording studio can be heard on their first single "The Great Gamble", recorded in june 2001. It played a few times in local radio and local bars. The Eclipse received some more media attention from the newspapers as well. In the autumn of 2001 The Eclipse played as a supporting act to RASMUS at the music centre in Kuopio. They also played an evening supporting and as the house band for Sakari Kuosmanen in November. Tapio had already played with Sakari twice earlier that year.

The Eclipse was supposed to be the supporting act also to KILLER on a concert during their debut tour in the winter of 2002. The concert was unfortunately cancelled. During 2002 The Eclipse played some successful shows in Kuopio and Tampere where Tapio had moved to pursue his studies in musicology and theatre. Their last gig in 2002 was at the famous YO-Talo where many Finnish greats like Wigwam have performed regularly.

The year 2003 was very problematic for the band. Miku joined the military for a 9-month service and Tatu moved to Helsinki also to perform his services to the state. The Eclipse was completely on hold for almost six months. In the summer the band performed a few low publicity gigs in Kuopio and Iisalmi under the name "Mr.B plays Sting" playing the songs of STING and The Police. Teemu Koistinen played the bass in Miku's absence. They also recorded a demo set of Sting's songs.

The Eclipse reformed in November 2003 for rehearsals and performed two energetic gigs in January 2004. The first one at Factory in Helsinki and the second at the Student Theatre Ylioppilasteatteri in Tampere. They recorded a new song in Kuopio (in Miku's basement!). In February Tapio directed a play that was recorded for radio broadcast. The Eclipse recorded two songs for the soundtrack. The play premiered May 7th at the Radio Festival in Tampere and recieved good reviews. In July the Band performed a special acoustic set in Joensuu at IlosaariRock -festival and in august Pauli Lyytinen joined the band for a concert of Sting's music in Kuopio.