Sky Dee and The Demons -EP Stupido Records, 2008

1.Evil Eye

  1. 2.Jackpot Woman

  2. 3.The Furious Few

  3. 4.Stupid Man

Vol.2 -EP

Stupido Records, 2009

1.Far Out Weekend

  1. 2.Dig Up Your Bones

  2. 3.Bombay Happy Motoring

  3. 4.Sky Dee Racing Team

Vol.3 -EP

Stupido Records, 2011

1.Jungle Fever

  1. 2.Vampire

  2. 3.Noodles

  3. 4.There is a Downtown

World Cup -digital track 

BareBoneMusic, 2014

Just Like That

Stupido Records, 2013


2.Deep Lake Motel

3.Just Like That

4.Free To Fall

5.Gonna Set The House Ablaze

6.Farmer´s Daughter And The City Slicker

7.Jackpot Woman


9.The Monkey Climb

10.Make A Deal Tonight

11.Rock ´n´ Roll

12.Come Home with Me


Hard Times and Amazing Grace / Little Miss Slaughter 

Stupido Rercords, 2016

digital single & vinyl 7”

Saturday Night  -digital EP

1.Saturday Night

2.My Heart

3.Dead Pony

4.Hobby Doctor`s Telephone Service

Stupido Records, 2017

Celebrator -12” vinyl album

1.Saturday Night

2.My Heart

3.Hard Times and Amazing


4.The Buck Stops With Me

5.When The Woman Comes Back

6.Hobby Doctor`s Telephone Service

7.Dead Pony

8.Men In Love Are Slim

9.Good Thing

10.Fast And Loose

11.Don`t Misjudge Me

12.Little Miss Slaughter

Stupido Records, 2018