Reed Organ picture bank

Following pictures of my collection of  Finnish / Swedish made reed organs are freely in use.


Yrjö T. Pilvinen.Tampere Semi-portable organ with 1 set of reeds manufactured 1963.

Fazer. Helsinki Reed organ from 50's with 1 set of reeds

Malmsjö. Swedish made organ from late 60's. 2 set's of reeds. Octave coupler

Veljekset Pulkkila. Brother's Pulkkila, Tampere. Organ with 1 set of reeds 50-60's

Kangasalan Urkutehdas. Kangasala Organ Factory, Kangasala. 2½ set of reeds Bass/Treble coupler. Picture when lid is closed.

Kangasalan Urkutehdas Matkaharmooni. Folding organ by Kangasala Organ Factory. 1 set of reeds.

Hedén & Kumppanit, Nummela. Hedén & Co. Nummela. 1½ set of reeds Bass/Treble coupler manufactured 1923. Picture when closed.

Fazer, Helsinki. 3½ set of reeds.  Subbass 16' +  8' Melodia + 8' Schalmei + 4' Flute +  2' Oktavzimbel

Eino Tiainen, Uukuniemi. 2 set of reeds. Small organ.

Mannborg ünd Lindholm. Brothers from Germany.

Repairs and restoration

Following pictures of organs that I have repaired and returned back into use. My aim is to return organs back into use not make those like new from outside. Materials inside are as close to original as possible. Hot Glue used in all possible places to ensure that future repairs are possible. My motto is " Let the years show"

Estey from WWII. Used by Finnish army and sold in auction after war. Some parts were missing. Partly painted by request of owner.

Foley & Williams Style 3. Serial number 2887 from year 1914.

R.F.Stevens folding organ. Not sure about the manufaturer, no information inside. 1 set of reeds. Locking mechanism modified because it was removed. Picture when folded.

Westminster. 1 set of reeds.

Lindholm folding organ. 2 set of reed 8' and 4'. No serial number found.

Bilhorn, sold by John Bateman. Serial number 42013 and date inside 07-05-04

Bilhorn Style H. Serial number 28618. 2 set of reeds 8' + F-E 4' F-G 8'. Tuned to 440Hz, second set of 8' 441Hz.  Picture of lid and Bilhorn Logo Style H

Mannborg 1925. Serial number 41343. Case left as is due to request by previous owner. Inside bellows.

Mannborg 1927 Serial number 45241 Inside bellows you can find all kind of information about age. In all Mannborg organs there has been newspaper inside bellows. Fresh bellows ready for use.

Mannborg 1931  Serial number 50134. This organ came in plastic bag. It was missing parts from bellows, folding mechanism, front decoration and lid holder mechanism.

Mannborg 1935. Serial number 51202. Organ can be found also at Gellerman database

Scherlock Manning. Original documentation shows that organ was sold 16.10.1950 2 set of reeds


Tuning bench for folding organs. Powered by Peterson 490-ST tuner Manometer has been  replaced with Dwyer Magnehelic gauge. I've also made bigger tuning bench with Home made Atmel processor controlled blower. More detailed information coming soon.

Link to Peterson homepages

Music sample. Traditional folk music from Kaustinen played with to portable organs. On the right is Lindholm organ with 2 set of reeds. I'm playing style that is called "tämmääminen" . On the left is Mannborg 1925.

Coming soon.


Yrjö T. Pilvinen. 2 set of reeds. ( Can be seen on video )

More to come....Collection of pictures of folding reed organs that I have repaired back into use. ( Mannborg, Bilhorn, Estey, Noname ) . If you want to have more detailed pictures, please ask via ROS mailing list and I'll add pictures for download and send a link.

About reed organs.

Currently in my collection is over 30pcs of organs. Oldest is a 1853-54 J.P. Schiedmayer serial number 62. Then there is Mannborg, Hofberg, Mayer, Manning, Needham Little Beauty,  Bilhorn Style V, and couple other organs without name. Some of these organs are waiting inspiration and parts mainly those are in playable condition and yes, are played almost every week.

Latest area of intrest is electric organs that are made in Finland. Here is a sound sample recorded in my garage.

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