-    Born 1954
-    I got sent to the usual piano lessons age 7-12 ,  some more 
at my initiative at 14-15 , played organ with blues bands ( Mayall , Ten Years After , Fleetwood Mac  etc. )
-    influenced heavily by Jethro Tull , studied the flute at Espoo Conservatory for five years

   After seeing Fairport Convention in 1972 formed folk-rock group Vanha Isanta with Timo VakkilaInen in 1973 

-    Won the finnish rock championship in 1973 with Vanha Isanta , playing souped-up British/Irish folk.
-    Four albums with Vanha Isanta 1975-1979 . During this time , as the bands focus shifted to bluegrass and country I found my instruments : first the Dobro and a bit later the pedal steel . They felt natural to me immediately and still do.

-    In 1979 Ronnie Osterberg , the drummer of a top finnish group of the day , Wigwam , asked me to join the reforming group.  I , of course accepted !
-    Eventually renamed The Jim Pembroke Band , the “new Wigwam” released one album “Flatbroke” in 1980 and I still consider it one of the finest albums I have been involved with.

-    By this time I was doing a fair amount of session work on the dobro and the pedal steel and still do. I`ve played sessions for many top finnish artists and bands with about 2500 recorded songs to prove it !
-    80-82 tours and sessions with various finnish artists
-    Joined J. Karjalainen`s band  in 1982 and played with him for over three years

-    Four albums with J. Karjalainen ; 2 gold , 1 platinum…
-    After Karjalainen , a nine year “stint” with THE  instituton of finnish rock , the longest running rock band in Finland : Eero ,Jussi and the Boys. Three albums and lots of roadwork…

-    During the Boys tenure I also played with various other finnish artists including Tuomari Nurmio , Mikko Kuustonen , Freud,Marx, Engels & Jung and Dallas Wayne.

-    Nominated for “Musician of the Year” in the local Grammy Awards , The Emmas in 1993

-    After the Boys I became a full-time member of Dallas Wayne and the Dimlights
-    Played with Dallas until he went back to USA in 2000.
-    Three albums with Dallas  Wayne 
-    Lots of roadwork and fun with Kari Tapio 1997-2001. Probably the most successful pop-singer in Finland , Kari Tapio has strong country leanings , so after doing sessions for him since the early 80`s , I finally got to play live gigs with him . About 500 of them…
-    A trip to Austin in 1999 to produce an album for  Freud ,Marx ,Engels & Jung . By coincidence I got fill in for Herb Steiner at the Broken Spoke . An all-star event , I got to play with Doug Sahm , Ray Benson and Alvin Crow !!
-    Attended the International Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis in 2000 for the second time and this time even played there .
-    Since 2002 I`ve played with the band Hoedown in various incarnations from a trio to the full , seven piece roots orchestra.
-    Currently I also play with The Farangs (my brother`s ethnic/ambient/dub/whatnot band) and The Ninni Poijarvi Trio , a solo project of Ninni Poijarvi ,  vocalist/violinist of Hoedown
-    Two albums with the Farangs , one with Ninni.
-    My own album “Music for Bus Stop”s was released in 2002 and was critically very well received , if I may say so myself. Commercially , that’s another story…
-    2004 we did a pilgrimage of sorts to the States with singer Jorma Kaariainen and recorded at the Sun Studio and in Nashville .
-    2006 A short tour of Australia with Hoedown Trio , performing with Audrey Auld.
-    Working on my second own album , producing other peoples records , playing gigs..............
-   2007 A trip to Levon Helm Studio to record , did two albums in 4 days. Played the Midnight Ramble....
-  2007-2009 tours with finnish icon, Vesa-Matti Loiri
- 2008 a second trip to Levon`s studio. Recorded with Ninni, Mika and Levon`s daughter Amy. Played the Ramble again, this time also with Levon also ! a dream come true: The Weight with THE master....
-2009 Produced Kari Tapio`s country album with brother Janne
-2010 new albums with Hayden Thompson and Hoedown
-2011 Produced  new CD for Mac Curtis