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Composer Kalevi Ukkola

After nearly four years of work is now complete, and is called THE PILGRIM`S PROGRESS.
Composer Kalevi Ukkola received a grant for the City of Kotka specifically for this musical.
Musical's libretto, which is in English, has been based on John Bunyan's (1628 - 1688) book The
Pilgrim's Progress, which must have read of people around the world. Musical contains 19 parts.
Composer Ukkola has worked since 1957 as a pianist and conductor Kotka Big Band,
Choir Singers Entertainment Favorable Winds and conductor in the City Theater of Kotka.
Mr. Ukkola was awarded the Director Musices title in 1992 by Mauno Koivisto, The President of Finland.
Ukkola composer's career is a series of concerts, television and radio programs,
sound recordings, theater, music, film and video soundtracks.