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The Pilgrim's Progress
- an musical by Kalevi Ukkola

Kalevi Ukkola, a Finnish composer living in Kotka, has finished his major work: a musical in English, The Pilgrim's Progress.
The maestro himself says about it: "It is an opera like a musical - or a musical like an opera."

The libretto of the musical is based on the text by an English writer John Bunyan (1628-1688)
. Bunyan's work is the most widespread book in the world after the Bible. The original text in English can be read here:

Former director of the Finnish National Opera Juhani Raiskinen has read Ukkola's musical and warmly recommends it to be performed:

"I have seen Mr Ukkola's opus The Pilgrim's Progress and can state that it is a genuine piece of music theatre, that is only waiting for its proper staging. Mr Ukkola himself is very professional in his music texture and shows what a marvellous craftsman he is."

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