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Flourish of deference hammered by the black havoc.

Code For Silence was found in late 2006 by A.Komi and T.Liekkala. For a long time Komi had burning desire to start create something faster and deathly material he had done in any band involved. Digging down six feet under he found Liekkala to blast the ultimate beats with earthshaking rage. Soon after Liekkala recommended A.Ström, a talented man with voice like Armageddon to let introduce the secrets of his throat. Ström seemed to be right man and was hired immediately. Material was written in the beginning of 2007 and pretty soon it was obvious that CFS would need someone to bring the sounds from the deep dark…P.Kattainen, the good old friend of Liekkala was asked to play bass and he said yes right away.

Then in the Summer 2007 the first demo cd Today You Die was recorded and mixed by Matti Kynsijärvi including three songs of fast, modern thrash/death metal. The First track of Today You Die, Giant Man is featured on Finnish metal compilation Metallirovio-Ensimmäinen kiusaus released by Firca 2008. Today You Die was never actually released except in the web. After promoting our music in the internet couple of record labels contacted us but things never got any further. In this point M.Ahlfors who made some clean and backing vocals on Today You Die was asked to join the band as permanent member. Ahlfors accepted the (motherfuckin´) invitation and Code For Silence reached it´s current line-up.

After that things got bigger for us. Finnish Off Records signed us in the Spring 2008. New material has already been written to become on our upcoming debut album. Yet unnamed album will be really diverse and include only one old song. Style is still modern thrash/death metal but lot of new elements have been mixed together. Bone crushing guitar and bass riffs, fast and brutal drumming, head banging rhythms, gloomy and symphonic synths flavoured with industrial samples. All this served with two destructive voices from underworld will guarantee the extreme music experience for you.

Imaginary entrance to the white tower turns into mud swallowing love story with the mother nature.

website & design by Teemu Liekkala
Antti Ström - Vocals
Mikko Ahlfors - Vocals
Anssi Komi - Guitar/synth
Petteri Kattainen - Bass
Teemu Liekkala - Guitar/Drums
Synth & Programming
coming soon

HAVOC (web single 2008)
TODAY YOU DIE (Demo 2007)