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After being in silence this far it´s great to annouce all the good things that have happened to us. First of all as you can see we have totally new sites and graphics. And someone may notice that we are now five-headed monster. Mikko Ahlfors joined Code For Silence as a permanent member. For band it was a really great thing to happen ´cause now we have not only one but two amazing voices. So welcome Mikko!

Then the big news. In this spring we got signed to Off Records Finland!
Off Records will release our forthcoming debut album this summer! Recordings have already begun and we are proud to offer you some foretaste by releasing free web single! You can listen "Havoc" from our myspace profile
www.myspace.com/codeforsilence and/or download it from media section. Feel free to comment the song and of course tell all of your friends about us! ;) Havoc as the whole upcoming album is recorded and mixed by Sami Niittykoski at SN-Audio Productions so lot of thanks to him!

Recently we´re featured with song Giant Man on metal compilation cd
Metallirovio - Ensimmäinen kiusaus released by FIRCA.

Enjoy the new sites and stay tuned for details about our debut album!

-Komi, Liekkala, Ström, Kattainen, Ahlfors


Unmastered version of Giant Man added to our myspace site:
Check it out to get some lethal foretaste!

05.08.2007 - IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE

Guitars, bass, synths and 99.9% of vocal tracks have been recorded. Everything went great and we were in flames! Our guest star Mikko Ahlfors does some clean vocals yet later and then it´s time to put things together. Must say that songs sound pretty damn good. Guitar sound rocks (Thanks to Orbinski from Sotajumala for lending his ENGL!). Liekkala played bass tracks due to Military Service of Kattainen.

We recorded also one extra cover song which you´ll be able to download from our site starting from the day that "Today You Die" is released. Cheers! | Komi

30.07.2007 - HI THERE PEOPLE!

Finally we´re about to start our recordings for real. Liekkala played drums already in June (and made amazing job by the way) but after that my job, several summer festivals and one wedding took a whole lot of everyones time and things got delayed. But as they say: Every good shit is worth of waiting. From Wednesday to Friday it´s time to record guitars, bass and synths. And with good luck some vocals might be thrown in the air also. Several vids and pics from studio are coming and maybe we finally have time to write some diary also. That´s all now. Bom chicka wah wah. | Komi

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23.04.2008 - new song online
23.04.2008 - new Website opened
23.04.2008 - new pictures added
23.04.2008 - Off Records Finland

Havoc - websingle (2008)

HAVOC | 04:51 | 168kbs | 5,55MB