Silentkaze Beauty Of Freedom - "Riesa"

Riesa 6 months old

Owner: Susanna Riski, Silvola, Finland
Salla Hukari, Tampere, Finland

Born: 17.09.2005

Riesa lives with Silentkaze Aster Among Roses "Nuppu".


Nevedith Geefa Gee N'Tee

1 x CC
1 x res-CC

GB Ch Nevedith
Ayfa Aze
GB Ch Whipcat Fire Island At Courthill Ch Lorrickbrook Bandleader
Ch Courthill Cafe Society
GB Ch Nuts In May Of Nevedith GB Ch Nevedith Rare Rogue
Pardee Parisienne Girl
Nevedith Wotta Willow GB Ch Nevedith Rare Rogue Dumbriton Joking Apart
Nevedith Justa Joy
Nevedith Inter Lace GB Ch Carmodian Tawny Knight of Hutaka
GB Ch Huntress of Nevedith
Fin Ch Plaudite
Night Queen
Fin Ch FinW-00
Play A While Nits-Plaudite
S & N & DK & Fin & Int Ch NordW-98-99, Copenhagen W-99 Birkonbrae True E´Nuff Hillsdown Fergal
Birkonbrae Buttons N´Bows
Peperone Piaffe Ch Hardknott Quadrille
Peperone Papergirl
Int & Fin & Est & N Ch BalticW-00
Plaudite Ice Queen
Fin & S Ch
Demerlay Red Admiral
Peperone Passat
Watcar Victoria Of Towercrest
Fin & Est Ch
Zigetty's Nicolette
Ch Polongain Amazing Asterix
Ch Metsänreunan Ninni

Other pictures:

"Riesa almost 7 weeks old"

"Riesa almost 7 weeks old"

"Riesa almost 6 weeks old"

"Riesa almost 5 weeks old"

"Riesa almost 4 weeks old"