All That Glitters Is Not Gold Dominija - "Elvie"

Elvie 4,5 months old

Owner: Salla Hukari & Minna Hansen (Nightvision) & Ulrika Tuppurainen, Kuopio, Finland
Asta Simonelyte (kennel Dominija), Lithuania

Born: 12.09.2005

Thank you Asta for the possibility to have GNT's son from this interesting litter.
Elvie lives with whippetmale Nightvision Coat of Arms "Nemo".

Gee N'Tee
GB Ch Nevedith
Ayfa Aze
Int & GB & Ger Ch Whipcat Fire Island At Courthill Ger Ch Lorrickbrook Bandleader
Int & Ger Ch Courthill Cafe Society
GB Ch Nuts In May Of Nevedith GB & Au & NZ Ch Nevedith Rare Rogue
Pardee Parisienne Girl
Nevedith Wotta Willow GB Ch Nevedith Rare Rogue Dumbriton Joking Apart
Nevedith Justa Joy
Nevedith Inter Lace GB Ch Carmodian Tawny Knight of Hutaka
GB Ch Huntress of Nevedith
LT & Est & BLR Ch,
LT & LV JCh, LTW'05 Boxing Helena's Coral Gem
Multi Ch Boxing Helena's XLNT Man S & DK & D (VDH) Ch Nevedith Veefa Vagabond GB Ch Nevedith Rare Rogue
GB Ch Nevedith Justa Jenie
Lux Ch Nevedith Supa Sassy Ch Pardee Appy Arry of Nevedith
Nutcracklin of Nevedith
Lux JCh
Boxing Helena's August Eve
NL Ch Valentino's Quorum Valentinos Odilon
Magadha Miss Jones
Boxing Helena's Xena
S & DK & D (VDH) Ch Nevedith Veefa Vagabond
Lux Ch Nevedith Supa Sassy

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Elvie 4 months old

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