Storm season 2001

Note:The stories are in the to speak, but I try to "translate" individual storm pages as soon as I can...

  Aug 16/17  

Lightning/CG storm of an frightening intensity.
Jul 18
Very impressive looking thundercloud, which intensified right before my eyes and went on to do minor lightning/wind damage in Tampere. For the me this was the best storm of the year by far!
Jul 17/18
Second intensive night time lightning storm this year. The sky went green when this baby was closing in and little later even tens of kilometers long lightning bolts
Jul 16

Intensive about 4 hour long night time lightning show.

Jul 14
First real "chase day" of the summer offered few nice thunderclouds and many many rounds of lightning and Mammatus clouds.
Jul 13

Weak thundershowers and Mammatus clouds.

Jul 12

Convective clouds and two possible funnel clouds

Jul 6/7

One weak isolated thundercloud and beautiful distant multicellular storm.

Jun 15

June's only thundershower day.

May 1

First thundershower of the year.

Mar 21/22

Thunder at the south coast and possible big "snow devil" in Keuruu.

Feb 8

"Föhn-wind storm"


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