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(introverted intuitive thinking perceiving)

  • Why...

    Ok, if I remember right I took my first somekind of "on-line" personality test about 5 years ago. I don't remember where/which test it really was, but a result was an INTP with a very strong I,N and P and moderate to very strong T. After that I have "regularly" took more of those tests and almost everytime (90/95%) the score has been the same...INTP.

    (if I am under a stress or depressed my strong T starts to chance towards F (Thinking vs. Feeling) and indeed I have ones scored as an INFP, but...then I was "out my control". ;-)

    Also I think that at least in my mind a descriptions of INTP do fit to me very well and so I do think that I can be "classified" as an INTP....and I thought that "maybe" these descriptions could help some people to understand my "sometimes" little odd behavior, ideas and points of views. So, that's why I made this page.

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    Enneagram Type: The Five with a (strong) Four Wing

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    The Four with a (strong) Five Wing

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    Big 5 - SLOAN:

    Big 5 sloan: RCUEI .... i don't think i am quite that selfish and i definitely do second guess myself more than enough. Also i think i do know what others are feeling much better than what that description says, it's just a completely different matter do i act on that knowledge....

    atheist/agnostic tendencies, unconcerned with public image, lower energy level, does not value tradition, avoidant, does not put the welfare of others above self, not punctual, unproductive, does not believe in human goodness, not easily moved to tears, seldom bothered by the suffering of strangers, insensitive to the needs of others, relaxed, quiet around strangers, tendency to believe only in self, people have trouble reading them but they don't care, late finishing work, acts without planning, withdrawn, rarely too busy, not a perfectionist, uncooperative, not prone to complimenting people, does not believe in life after death, avoids crowds, prefers unpredictable to organized, not passionate about bettering the world's condition, does not second guess self, able to control cravings, calm in crisis, ambivalent to the feelings of others, believes in the importance of art, dislikes small talk, socially uncomfortable, private, not known for generosity, acts without consulting others, hard to get to know, not easily frustrated, interested in intellectual pursuits, not open about feelings, loner, asks many questions, open to change, influenced more by self than others, bored at work

    Big 5 Primary Type: Inquisitive

    more interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family, detaches to analyze factors from multiple perspectives, regularly uses ideas and tools to transform understanding, enjoys playing with random interconnections between ideas and patterns, would describe self as a nerd in high school, likes science fiction, introspective, good at fixing things, more comfortable around adults as a child, feels both special and defective, knows the darkside of life well, is not bothered by going long periods without speaking with people, more intellectual than sensual, can be bitter, problem solver, relies on mind more than on others, driven by curiousity, feels best when working, minimalist