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Aurora "Season" 2007

Overview of year 2007

  • On 4th of January the first sunspot of the new solar cycle 24 was seen! Next day we had little auroral display and one could say, that it was the first aurora of the new cycle....kind of...If one wants to think like that. ;-) I certainly will! I have waited many long years to see the first signs of the next solar cycle and when i see them, that is when my cycle begins! :D

    Updated 8th Jan. 08

  • Aurora "Season" 2006

    Overview of year 2006

  • Much much much bigger Blaah...
    BUT end of the solar minimum is almost in sight!!! :-D

  • August/December 06
  • Very nice couple minutes...no pictures.
    Then few hours of not so nice...couple pictures.

    Updated 18 dec. 06

  • Aurora Season 2005

    Overview of year 2005

  • Blaah...

  • Aug-Sep
  • More stuff later...very nice start.
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