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Aurora Season 2004

Overview of year 2004

  • Not a good year, not at all. Well, late winter and spring were maybe bit better than average with 3 decent to mediocre displays. That was definitely more than during couple earlier years, since the springtime in 2003 and 2002 were more or less useless.

  • Autumn....Autumn that has been the best time for auroras since i started watching them, which was maybe in mid/late 90's. This year the first (and only?) display worth mentioning took place in 9th of November. Autumn simply has been far worse than i could have ever imagined. I guess were are already seeing the effects of solar minimum closing in at this time. Most of the time absolutely NOTHING happens and when something happens, it's something pretty big and something 100% clouded out.

  • November
  • November brought withit a some of the most fierce spaceweather during the whole cycle. The course of events was very similar compared to the events earlier in late July, when i had too much twilight and clouds. First nothing happens in long time and then a big sunspot is born, it unleashes a multiple very strong CME's and series of very heavy geomagnetic storms are born. Storms rages for days and days in a row and north America gets the best parts and Europe is clouded out. Almost week of heavy storming and i have maybe 1 hour of clear skies.
  • Feb/Mar/Apr
  • From February to April we have 1 decent aurora per month. February aurora was interesting, rather large with interesting shapes, but never got bright. In March and April the displays were much more active and both showed some nice bright belts and else. The April one had even a faint corona for few minutes. Anyway, nice displays, but nothing spectacular.
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