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Aurora Season 2001

The Great Red Storm! The name tells it all, during the night of 5/6th of November the sky burned in red...almost completely and only red. The show was very diffuse, but i can tell you that if you are walking through a forest on a "dark" November night and the trees are silhuetted against a red sky everywhere you look. It does look very unreal and memorable!!!! Maybe i should also say that it looks also bit menacing.
October offered quite a many big disappointments, but also one very good night! The first of the disappointments came on 21/22 night. I could only look at the cloudbutts, when one of the best shows of the recent years was raging above the 100% cloud cover. However 22/23 night i got lucky and witnessed the most detailed big show of my life. It had all the goodies of the small storms, but the duration and size of the big ones! Then on 28th day there was obviously very very great storm, but...during daytime here.
September was a great month and without the clouds it would have been even greater! 23/24 night i missed a very good show by minutes...due the clouds. 25/26 night i missed a great orange/red aurora by minutes due the clouds, but saw some nice action after the clouds cleared. However the scans are very poor. Then during the last night of the month there was absolutely beautiful aurora in bright moonlight. Maybe the most beautiful one of the year 2001.
Quite quiet month, but offered one pretty nice display on 17/18 night. Although the scans are almost useless...
Clouds clouds and more clouds. Only one good display from the clear sky and one, but large, show from more or less cloudy sky. Also at least two VERY large shows missed due the clouds.
Quiet at the beginning, but very hot at the end. One of the most stunning shows ever for me on 19th evening and brief, but large red aurora on 27/28 night.