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Auroras in autumn 2000

There was only one good aurora visible in November, but it was a very good one. I am writing this on 2004 and still consider 5/6 November auroral storm to be one of the best storm that i saw during this whole cycle. I would rank it at least in my TOP 5, maybe even in TOP 3, but not sure in which position...Had one of the best coronas that i have ever seen!
There was quite a few good big auroras in October, but there are no scans from many of those, because the photolab put so huge amount of rubbish in to the prints that i had to change the lab.
September offered several auroras to practive picture taking and one of the best "mist auroras" that i have seen. One great aurora was missed due the....not having enough sleep in few previous nights.
First moments of the famous Perseids Aurora and my first ever aurora photographs. I got my first ever SLR in late June and it was bought because of tha auroras and thunderclouds...;-)