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High Latitude vs. High Middle Lat.
Sodankylä(SGO) vs. Valkeakoski

  • Sodankylä: (N 67.48, E 26.53) Geomagnetic latitude 63.8
  • Valkeakoski: (N 61.2, E 24.0) Geomagnetic latitude 57.6
  • Distance between Sodankylä and Valkeakoski somewhere near 700km

  • Maps:Map of Finland from Virtual Finland website. Valkeakoski is about 30km southwest from Tampere. Europe map from German Aurora forum.

  • Note 1: Every All Sky Camera pic on this page is copyrighted by Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, BUT the comparisons were made only by me. SGO staff had nothing to do with these comparisons, they were only my own personal "project". Yet, i thank SGO staff very much for giving an permission to use their All Sky Cam images for this particular purpose! :-)







  • Ok, these pictures are not taken exactly at the same time, but maybe +-10 minutes apart. Yet, the aurora stayed pretty much at the same height and place at Valkeakoski northern horizon all this time. While SGO movie too shows that the bright part of the aurora didn't move to the southern sky at this point in Sodankylä either. So, the pics may not show the same formation, but the idea of the height of the display comes quite clear from these pics.