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Newer Miss Aurora Photos

Mid April 2002

Her Majesty the Miss Aurora the First.

Early June 2002

After spay in early/mid June 2002

August 2002

From the pages of the travel book of the Miss "Discovery";
Nice yard, Overall a good natural look and not too modified and boring, Nice set of small hills and valleys, good hiding places and open fields, gravel and grass, Great variety of many kind of beautiful flowers, too few birds, too few mice and so on, too few climbing trees, way too many dogs and too little time to explore...thanks to Tom.

Now I am gonna nail that....thought the Miss "Queen of the Predators" Aurora and....

This is my forest and I walk where ever i want...and so the mighty Finnish Forest Cat/ Miss "Warrior Princess" Aurora vanishes in to the "dark and menacing" forest.

If those squirrels can do this...why not me??? Said the Miss "spiderwoman" Aurora and made squirrels pale in comparison.


Cottagecat 2002

A heavy door slowly and squakely slid open...like it had been closed for a centuries. Faint and gentle, almost unhearable, cosmic purrrring seemed to fill a dark and ancient hallroom and the hopes of the long lost treasure got high in the minds of the intruders. But then....gleaming piercing white eyes lit up the darkness and the voice spoke: Who is brave enough to interrupt my sleep and enter my queendom....and the earth shook.

Can't hear you!!! barely can see you down there....did you have something to say to me???

Don't tell me that that shiny flickering stuff is what i think it is!!!!

Come on now and don't be afraid Tom! If that ugly bear even thinks about harming you...I will personally kick it's butt!!

Miss "Meerkat" Aurora

What was that!!!? Sounds like and old American car, since only they can make that much noise!!!

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