(Author's note: This story is a sequel to "The Flesh Of Fallen Angels", so read that one first, if you haven't, to understand this story. This story is rated R for graphic violence)

The Souls Of Fallen Angels


"Please, help me..."

Things had gone out of my hands. I had failed myself. Was there anything I could have done to prevent this? The past is nothing but a ghost, haunting you for eternity. I can only turn around and face it, but it's too dark and scary. I'm so afraid. I need them. I need my sisters. I feel so alone and helpless. I run, tears flying from my eyes.

"Blossom, look out!!"


These memories... I'm so afraid of the past, but I'll collect the pieces once more. I need to trace my own footsteps from the beginning to this moment. I want to know why have things gone this way. Maybe then, I'll understand this better.

"...she will be inside us all. Right here in our hearts and memories."