The Souls of Fallen Angels


Later that day the professor told me that he had found me and Buttercup lying outside just next to the front door. It puzzled me. My very last memory at that time was me closing my eyes and welcoming Death. Two days later I was sitting in my room when Buttercup came in. She survived and healed miraculously fast considering what state she was in.

Buttercup: Hi.

Blossom: Hi, Buttercup. How’s your arm?

Buttercup: It’s getting better. The bandage is off already. How about you?

Blossom: I’m fine, Buttercup. There’s no hole in my head.

Buttercup: That’s not what I meant.

I looked at Buttercup for a while before answering.

Blossom: I haven’t seen nightmares, Buttercup.

Buttercup: That’s good to hear.

Blossom: By the way, Buttercup. I’ve been meaning to ask something from you.

Buttercup: What is it?

Blossom: Do you know how we ended up in front of our house that day?

Buttercup thought about that for a moment.

Buttercup: No. I was unconscious the whole time. I also had a strange dream.

Blossom: What kind of dream?

Buttercup: I saw a strange light in front of me. It changed into Bubbles and it talked to me with Bubbles’ voice, telling me not to give up.

I gave a small smile when hearing that. I could have told her, but I thought it be best not to.

Blossom: What a strange dream, Buttercup.

Buttercup: That’s not all. When I was trying to get out of there, I saw her next to me. She looked so sad and she held onto me. I soon lost my conscious after that.

The phone rang in the living room and the professor answered it. The professor wasn’t at his lab as much as he used to be. He started to come out of there more and more. He even talked to us more. I heard the conversation ending and soon after that the professor came into our room with a serious face.

Professor: Girls. What’s this I’m hearing about a broken tombstone?

That made us both blush and smile like we didn’t know anything.

Professor: That was Ms. Keane. She wants us all to come to the cemetery.

Blossom: Huh? Why?

Professor: I don’t know. She didn’t tell me.

I didn’t realize it then, but somehow I didn’t have any problems to go and visit Bubbles’ resting place anymore. We all left to the cemetery. When reaching there, the gates were open and we all could see a crowd gathered at one place. It was Ms. Keane and all of my and Buttercup’s classmates. Ms. Keane was smiling when she saw us coming closer.

Ms. Keane: I’m glad you came.

Buttercup: Why did you want us to come here? Has something happened?

Ms. Keane: Nothing has happened, although you should have told the professor about the tombstone.

Blossom: We didn’t want to bother him.

Ms. Keane: Well… I guess that’s fine then. Anyway, the reason why I called you here was because of this.

She and the kids stepped aside and we saw a beautiful sight. Bubbles had a brand new tombstone. It was more beautiful than the last one.

Ms. Keane: After you told us what had happened, I thought maybe we could somehow help you.

I walked right next to the tombstone, kneeled and… hugged it. I shed the tears of happiness. Everyone was happy at the sight. With this, Bubbles could have a peaceful rest at last. I remembered my encounter with Bubbles. I decided to keep the promise so that she could keep resting peacefully. She’d always watch over us and be with us. I felt a warm touch on my cheek and I knew. Even if she wouldn’t fight with us, she will always be inside our hearts and memories. Her soul will live through us forever. We’ll never be alone.


That night, Buttercup told me something interesting. She told me that she had seen Bubbles at the cemetery, standing right next to me, touching my cheek. She had looked at Buttercup and smiled. She then flew away to the skies, like a sweet little angel.

The End