The Souls of Fallen Angels

Chapter 8

Of what little hope I had had, it was all gone. I felt cold and despaired. I felt like I had failed to hold a promise and felt guilty about it. Feeling Buttercup there made me freeze in place. I was blind, but I was pretty sure HIM was enjoying to the fullest of this “delicious” scene.

HIM: Do you feel lonely, Blossom? Angry? Sad? Because I bet you are. You are angry at me, but you can’t even touch me. You are sad to feel the truth in your hand and you’re lonely because Buttercup is now dead too.

I shook my head furiously and put my hands to where ears would be, just to stop listening to HIM. I felt the blood falling from my hand and continuing down my face.

Blossom: I don’t believe anything you say!

HIM: Denying the facts, are we? That’s news to me. I thought you lived for facts only because you act like a little scientist.

I would have felt honored if it would have been another time, another place… another dimension. But it wasn’t. I had lost the two most important things in my life. Both reality and fear struck at my heart, making it go slower and beat louder. My mind was empty. The more I tried concealing my hearing, the louder HIM’s voice got. It was the most horrible time I can remember in all my life. The agony, the pain and the loneliness.

Blossom: Shut up!! Just… just finish this already. You’ve won.

HIM: Woah there, Blossom! Did I hear you correctly? Are you saying you’re giving up? The leader of the Powerpuff Girls surrenders. My, I should have showed this whole thing on TV around the world.


My anger was taking over me. I couldn’t stand the pain and suffering this whole thing had caused me. All I wanted at that moment was to end all that, no matter what the price was. And I knew how high the price was. None of it mattered, though. Sooner or later, I thought, someone would manage to kill me anyway. One Powerpuff Girl can’t defend a whole city by herself. HIM was dancing around me. I knew because I heard him. His footsteps, echoing the sound of death around me, were nearing on me.

HIM: I must say these past two months have been the most delicious time I have had for a long time. You know what, Blossom? I feel generous so I will grant you your wish right now.

I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really care. This whole nightmare was about to end one way or another. No matter what I chose anymore, I had lost. Even if I survived that battle, there wouldn’t be anything left to go on. I’d be so lonely. The Professor would be forever locked in his laboratory. Ms. Keane may have been the only one to talk to me anymore, take care of me. That wouldn’t have changed a thing, though. My will to live was dead. I suddenly heard an eerily familiar sound.

HIM: Does it sound familiar to you, Blossom?

HIM must had noticed my head turning at the direction of the sound.

HIM: It should be. What do you think I’m holding in my claws right now? Maybe another sound would refresh your memory.

Without any warning, I heard a shot. A familiar shot. The shot that I had heard so many times in my nightmares. The shot that I had heard when Mojo almost killed Buttercup. It froze me in fear. My body trembled at the memory.

HIM: I see you do remember this one. Yes… it is the gun. The very same gun that killed your precious little Bubbles.

The memory returned to me like an express train.

Blossom: No! That’s impossible!

HIM: Is it, my dear Blossom? Don’t you remember what you did the last time?

I did remember.

HIM: You killed Mojo Jojo with this gun… indirectly that is. Do you remember what you did to the gun afterwards?

HIM’s question puzzled me, but the hopelessness in my heart prevented me from thinking.

HIM: You left it where it landed!

I went wide eyed that instant. I had made such a foolish mistake. I had not paid any attention to it and for a good reason. My sister Buttercup needed help.

HIM: But that’s not all. After that whole case, have you ever wondered how Mojo managed to create such a gun with such bullets? Let’s just say he had some help.

I looked at HIM with my only visible eye and at that moment I knew.

HIM: That’s right, Blossom. ME! I was the one who really created this gun. All Mojo did was create the bullets. I knew he couldn’t resist a chance to prove it at one of you. That day when you, Buttercup and that professor left for shopping, Mojo sneaked into the house, heard Bubbles in your room and knew the chance had come. You should have seen the horror in Bubbles’ face. It was priceless. When you killed Mojo, I went and took the gun from the scene. I also stole the rest of the bullets Mojo had made from the observatory. I was also the one who wrote those words on the wall… with Bubbles’ blood.

What HIM had told me, shocked me. The real mastermind in this whole thing had been HIM from the very beginning.

Blossom: Why…? Why did you wait this long to kill us?

HIM: The same reason I’m postponing your death right now. It was so wonderful to see you fail to save the day, let the bad guys run away and suffer so much for so long for Bubbles’ death. I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could, while planning your demise at the same time.

Blossom: You…

Every second that passed made me feel the pain two times worse. I was practically ready to beg HIM to end my life. Only I didn’t need to. I heard another click. The click of a loaded gun, ready to fire.

HIM: Bubbles’ expression was great, but yours takes the cake, Blossom. Your face is full of horror and fear. There’s absolutely no hope left in you. This is the end of you, Blossom. The end of the Powerpuff Girls!

I felt it. The barrel of the gun pointing at me. I had no idea where he would shoot me from. I closed my eyes and got ready to welcome Death itself. Everything got silent around me. The sound of lava disappeared. Everything that had happened in my life, the times I had had with Buttercup and Bubbles, came back to me. The sad and happy times. It was the end…


I opened my eyes slowly. She was there. She hugged me and I felt warm. Then… she went inside me.

An old familiar feeling rose up in me. I had only felt it once before. I suddenly opened my eyes and I saw HIM, pulling the trigger. The feeling took over me. Everything happened in a New York minute. Even I don’t exactly know what happened then. I guess I ran so fast at HIM that it looked like HIM was frozen. I then grabbed the claw that was holding the gun and pointed it at HIM. I heard it…


…and everything went black at that very moment.


How long was I out? I couldn’t be sure. I woke up in a familiar room. It was our own room. I looked left and saw the worried professor. His head was down and I was sure he was crying. Without realizing it, I put my hand on his head. He reacted immediately and without saying a word, he hugged me. My senses were dim, but I felt the professor trembling. I didn’t know if it was from fear or guilt… or sorrow. I understood.

Blossom: Professor… it’s okay…

I was weak, but I was able to mutter out those words. The professor looked at me and for the first time in these past two months… he smiled.

Professor: You just rest now, Blossom. I’ll go and make something for you.

He left. I felt myself with my hands. Half of my face had been bandaged up. I just looked at the roof and then closed my only visible eye. I felt something smooth coming from my right. I opened my eye and looked at the right and there she was, sleeping like a log. Her whole hand, the one where she had been shot at, was covered in bandage. The wound was worse than one might think. I smiled. It was over. The whole nightmare was over.
From that moment on, I believed I could sleep peacefully.