The Souls of Fallen Angels

Chapter 7

I don’t know what Buttercup had done after I was shot. I can only speculate. All I know is that she tried to wake me up many times while crying, not wanting to accept the possible truth.

Buttercup: Blossom... please... open your eyes. I don’t want to do this alone... I can’t do it alone... I need you. Please... don’t leave me...

Someone must have been nearby, because two things happened at the same time.


A shot came from the same direction where I was shot from and the target was Buttercup. The other thing was me opening my only visible eye, grab Buttercup and jump.

Buttercup: AAAAAHH!!

I aimed and fired an eye laser towards the shooter, hoping I’d hit him. We crashed at the ground. Right after I was sure no one else was nearby, I looked at Buttercup. She seemed to be in pain for some reason and I soon found out why: the bullet had hit her, but only on one of the hands. She looked at me.

Buttercup: Oh man... I turned out to be the damsel in distress, didn’t I? AGH! I... I knew you weren’t dead. You’re not that type of a leader who gives up easily...

Blossom: Save your strenght, Buttercup. Don’t speak.

Buttercup: Don’t worry about me, Red. You go and get HIM. I’ll (coughs) go back home.

Blossom: Are you sure?

Buttercup: I’m sure. You forget that I’m the toughest fighter in the team. Now go.

She had shown that toughness of hers many times in the battles we’ve had in our lifes. I nodded and stood up.

Buttercup: And Blossom… please come back alive.

I just smiled at her. She rose up and started walking away.  The tears I was shedding were happy ones. I was happy that Buttercup wasn’t killed. After all, she was in better condition than I was. I started running the other way. My fears, my worries, everything had disappeared. Instead there was a feeling I hadn’t felt for a long time: happiness. Even if that whole thing had been a dream, it had cleared my head from all sadness and pain. It had given me the joy of seeing my sister again. Even the wound on my head didn’t hurt at all and the blood felt like it had dried on my face. All these things made me feel like I was a reborn heroine, ready to kick any villain’s butt. While running, though, I remembered the choice I had made. Whatever I would have chosen, the price would have been too high. Why had I chosen like I had?

Bubbles: You have a mission to do. You do remember what it is?

My mission wasn’t only to protect Buttercup, my mission was to protect my family, my friends and the city of Townsville, just like it had always been from the very day me and my sisters were created. I was sure Buttercup felt the same way. The hallway seemed to go on forever. How long had I run this hall and how long was it before I’d reach HIM? I had no idea. I tried to listen and heard the lava surprisingly near. Then, finally, I saw a doorway. I walked through it and, as I expected, I saw a big lava pool. The room was so huge I couldn’t see the top. Had I come to the right room or had I just walked into a trap? I was about to find that out.

Blossom: Show yourself, HIM!! I know you’re here!

An echo went around the room. It was like I had said that from all directions, from all angles. I waited. For a moment nothing happened, but then a pink smoke appeared above me and HIM appeared from it. He was smiling wider than usual.

HIM: Why hello there, Blossom. I must say I’m amazed to see you alive after taking that bullet to your head.

When he said that, my head started to ache.

Blossom: Then it was you who fired that gun at me and Buttercup.

HIM: Maybe. What makes you think that?

Blossom: Many things. I know it was you who shot me and Buttercup.

HIM: Oh? Next thing you say I used lightning to blow up your precious Bubbles’ tombstone and set fire on her grave.

Blossom: I KNOW you did that too.

HIM landed on the ground and started walking around me, still having that evil smile on his face.

HIM: If you know all that, then what are you doing here? To get revenge or to get answers?

Blossom: Neither. I’m here because you destroyed Bubbles’ final resting place.

HIM: That I did and it was such a great moment, that I even recorded it on a tape. I have a feeling Bubbles didn’t like that.

That made me so angry. Not only had HIM admitted that he had destroyed the grave, he had done it from pure pleasure. A pleasure that was a nightmare for me, for all.

Blossom:  You… you… you soulless beast!!

I attacked HIM, but before I was able to land a big punch on him, he spit out some kind of pink transparent smoke on me. I was unable to dodge it on time. The pain that followed was excruciating. It was like my heart had been stabbed with a very sharp needle. I felt myself crashing to the ground. HIM laughed like a maniac. I soon found out why. I knew my eyes were open, but I didn’t see anything.

Blossom: What did you do to me!?

HIM: Oh nothing, my dear Blossom. I just made you blind. Feeling scared, helpless?

A darkness where no light can reach. That’s what I saw. HIM’s voice was coming from everywhere. I couldn’t tell which one was the right one. A fear like no other I had felt before conquered my body.

HIM: Oh this so delicious I want it to last forever. Bubbles is dead, Buttercup is dying and you… you are helpless, alone and blind.

Blossom: What do you mean Buttercup is dying? She’s already back at home.

HIM: Are you sure, Blossom? I think she’s still here.

Blossom: You’re lying!

HIM: Now why would I lie about such delicious thing?

Blossom: Because you want me to suffer.

HIM: Hmm that’s true, my dear Blossom, but I’m still not lying.

I then heard a thump right next to me.

HIM: If you don’t believe me, then feel this one.

I hesitated, but eventually I sat up and felt around the place where I had heard the thump. I then felt something soft and smooth. I realized it was skin. I moved my hand up and then I felt hair. That’s when I froze in fear. The shape of the hair made me realize who I was touching. My hand fell to the ground. I hand felt sticky and odd. I knew it was blood. I was blind, but I felt my tears falling.

Blossom: BUTTERCUP!!