The Souls of Fallen Angels

Chapter 6

I was surrounded by darkness. I felt empty and peaceful. My eyes were shut and I listened, but all was quiet and dark and I felt warm. I opened my eyes and saw a white light shining in front of me. The light got bigger and it came closer.

Blossom: Who are you?

???: Someone you should know, but have forgotten.

Blossom: Forgotten?

???: Yes. You’ve sealed me deep inside your heart, Blossom.

Blossom: Blossom? That’s right... that’s my name. So who are you?

???: I can’t tell you that. You have to remember it yourself.

Blossom: But I don’t know what to do.

Not knowing anything is the worst. It makes you scare of everything, even talking to others, making you all alone, completely chaining you into darkness, the place of silence and loneliness.

???: I’ll help you, but you have to remember yourself.

The light started the get smaller and farther away.

Blossom: Please don’t leave me alone!

???: Don’t worry. I don’t intend to before you remember everything.

Images started to run in my head. They showed a blonde and a black haired girl, hugging me, fighting evil with me, happy moments. But some memories are meant to be forgotten. By remembering Bubbles, the pain I had felt for so long came back also. My heart was aching.

Blossom: (cries) Bubbles...

???: You couldn’t protect your sister and now she’s gone. You’re feeling pain and sorrow. You’ve hoped it would end.

Blossom: Make it stop! Please…

I closed my eyes.  The images I saw now had happened two months ago, back to the day this whole thing had started. The blood, the words, the nightmares, the body of Bubbles and Buttercup been shot. The pain was intolerable.

???: You couldn’t even protect Buttercup!

Blossom: (still crying) Stop it! STOP IT!! I can’t… take it.

I opened my eyes. The light was gone and instead I was at home. For what strength I had, I entered the front door and saw only walls, making a narrow passage to the lab. I flew to the lab and entered. There I saw a bed covered with white sheet. For some reason I expected to see something… or someone under that sheet. I felt scared, but I flew to the bed and removed the sheet. I wished I hadn’t done that. Whatever this illusion was, I saw myself on that bed, blood coming from the forehead and dripping to the floor. The body opened it’s only visible eye and I looked at it. The next thing I noticed was that the body had disappeared. The blood that had dripped to the floor had formed two words, “fallen angel.” I then heard sounds coming from upstairs. I flew to our room and opened the door. I was surprised to see someone that was supposed to be dead.

Blossom: Bubbles?

She just stared at me happily. I had forgotten how she had looked before. She was as cute and innocent as ever. For some reason I felt scared. Then, a familiar feeling began to crawl in my stomach. Unintentionally I looked to at the right wall from my point of view. On that wall, the familiar words were appearing, written with blood. “The flesh of fallen angels.” I gasped at those words and then looked back at Bubbles, only to wish I hadn’t. Bubbles was lying on the floor, bleeding from the chest. I kneeled and cried. I had hoped so much, that I would forget about all this. While crying, another familiar feeling rose up. The same feeling I had felt at Mojo for killing my sister.

Blossom: Damn you, Mojo…

I felt like my surroundings vanished and I was at darkness again. Why had I seen those things again? Whatever the reason, I was devastated.

???: It’s painful, isn’t it?

I just kept crying.

???: Losing your sister like that, seeing nightmares every night, pretending everything’s fine.

Blossom: Because things are fine!!

???: Are they, Blossom? Can you really forget about your sister and live like nothing had happened?

It was what I had hoped for.

???: Quit deceiving yourself and face the truth! The truth is that you’re still devastated about your sister’s death. You’re scared that you’d worry everyone, if you’d talk about the nightmares you’ve had every night. You’re scared that you’d lose someone else dear to you. Buttercup, the professor, Ms. Keane, everyone.

Blossom: SO WHAT IF I AM!?

???: ... Then every fear you feel will come true.

Right then I heard crying. Distant crying. A girl, saying my name weakly. I recognized her immediately.

Buttercup: Blossom... please... open your eyes.

???: Listen.

Buttercup: I don’t want to do this alone... I can’t do it alone... I need you. Please... don’t leave me...


That sudden shot echoed around, freezing me in place. I was in shock.

Blossom: Bu... Bu... ... BUTTERCUP!!!

My tears were endless. I could practically hear my own heart cracking and breaking in two.

???: She needed you and you didn’t help her. Are you that scared? So scared that you can’t even protect your sister from death itself.

Blossom: Why? ... ... WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? ...

I looked at the light, still devastated from hearing that shot.


???: So that you’d understand the consequences.

Blossom: Of what?

???: Why ask me when you already know the answer?

I then touched my face and understood. The bullet in my head, the blood on my face and then the heart. My heart beating slowly and weakly. I wasn’t dead. I was dying.

???: I see you understand now. Now choose.

The most important choice everyone has to do once in a lifetime. Only I wasn’t alive nor dead. The shot I had heard still rang in my head. I then knew what I had to do.

Blossom: I... I choose life.

For a moment, nothing happened, but then the light came down right next to me.  It began to shine more brightly, blinding me. When it stopped and I was able to open my eyes again, I saw that the light had changed shape. Looking at it closer made me gasp. The shape I saw was someone I never thought I would see ever again.

Blossom: ... Bubbles?

Bubbles: Yes, Blossom.

It was my dear sister. My sweet sister. My dead sister.

Blossom: But...

Bubbles: I’m very real, Blossom. This isn’t a nightmare.

That’s what I had thought from the very beginning.

Bubbles: Do you know why I put you through all that pain and suffering?

I shook my head silently.

Bubbles: Because it made me sad when I saw that you were seeing nightmares every single night. You were scared, you felt alone and fighting crime had become impossible for you and Buttercup. You even felt guilty because I was dead. So I wanted you to see and listen what I wanted to say to you, to make you understand and try to make you live again like you always have before I died.

Blossom: But... it hasn’t been the same without you, Bubbles.

Bubbles: I know. Believe me I miss you two also. It’s so lonely here.

Blossom: Then let me come with you.

Bubbles: Can’t do that anymore. You chose life already, so it isn’t your time yet. You have a mission to do. You do remember what it is?

Blossom: ... To protect Buttercup.

Bubbles: And she has the mission to do so to you. That’s why she now cries over you. That’s why you cried over me when I died.

To protect someone is a lifetime mission. There’s no end to it. Seeing Bubbles there made me feel warm inside and out.

Blossom: I’ve... forgotten how you looked. You still are the joy and the laughter, just like you always were.

Bubbles: (giggles) That I am. But we have discussed enough. You must go back now.

Blossom: Go back?

I suddenly saddened as I realized what my choice had cost me.

Blossom: Will I ever see you again?

Bubbles: Of course you will and I will watch over you so you better continue and fight against crime and evil. There’s so much of it out there.

She then came closer and hugged me. I felt my bloody face had returned to normal.

Bubbles: I loved the times we spent together. I don’t have any regrets. Remember that, my dear sister. Remember that.

She let me go. I would have wanted the time to stop and let me hug her forever, never letting her go. But as she had let go, my feet began to take me away from her. She disappeared to the darkness.

Bubbles: Goodbye, Blossom... and please come visit my grave more often.