The Souls of Fallen Angels

Chapter 5

Bubbles’ words kept going and going around my mind. They made me fear of what I might find out when arriving at HIM’s lair. The nightmare I had recenly had made me fear more. I was pretty sure Buttercup thought I was crazy. Heck even I had hard time believing what had happened. We didn't even know what to seek, what to do, how to do it and why. Why had Bubbles asked for help? Usually when someone is in trouble, we go and rescue him or her, but this time it was our dead sister. How could we help someone who's dead and what kind of trouble is she in? Buttercup suddenly stopped in mid-air.

Buttercup: Blossom, stop!

Blossom: (stops) What is it?

Buttercup: I just thought of something. Is it possible this whole thing is a trap?

Blossom: A trap? If this is a trap, it's a very good one, because I at least am convinced Bubbles is in trouble.

Buttercup: Look, Blossom, I don't know what kind of nightmares you've had, but this is clearly getting into you.

Blossom: What do you mean?

Buttercup: I mean, that villains like HIM could manipulate your mind, make you see what you want to, see what you fear, things like that. We've been into those situations so couldn't this also be one of them?

Buttercup was right of course. She if any one remembered every battle we've had, especially the tough ones. HIM had used mind tricks many times on different occasions, but we always sorted them out and beat him. To think that this would be a trap made me again remember my last night's dream. The part where Bubbles had appeared from behind HIM, looking so different. It made me believe more and more, what Buttercup didn't believe.

Blossom: Even if it is a trap, I still want to have peace for my mind. You and I both know I can't live like this. We need to get to the bottom of this, if we ever want to have normal lifes again.

Buttercup: Normal lifes? Blossom, we'll never have a normal life ever again!

Blossom: And why's that? Because Bubbles isn't around here anymore? Listen, Buttercup, no matter how much we want it, she'll never come back. Never!

She then slapped me on the face with incredible anger.

Buttercup: (angry, tears forming in her eyes) Don't ever say that again.

I then realized what I had said. I remembered when Bubbles was buried, Buttercup didn't want to leave her side. That was because she couldn't let her go. After a few weeks I thought she had let her go. Now I wasn't sure.

Blossom: Buttercup?

Buttercup: I... I'll never believe that she's gone. Never have and never will. Everytime I go to her grave, I'm wishing she'd just rise up from it, alive and well, not like a zombie, but as flesh and blood, looking and behaving just like she always does.

That explained why she had visited Bubbles' grave almost every day. I then understood. She actually had the same pain I've had, only in different form. Mine were nightmares, hers was a false hope.

Blossom: You... you still can't let her go, can you?

Buttercup: How can you let go of your sister just like that? She was our joy. She if anyone understood things that we couldn't. She was the kindest of us and she always knew how to cheer us up.

Blossom: You've forgotten what I said on the day Bubbles was buried. "Because she will be inside us all. Right here in our hearts and memories. She will always be with us that way."

Buttercup: Oh come on! I don't believe in that. If that was true, then why... why do I still feel so...

Blossom: ... alone, sad and much pain?

Buttercup looked at me as if I had just read her mind.

Blossom: I feel like that too. Way more than you think.

Buttercup: Then why do you believe in that?

Why? Such question is always hard to answer. Such important question. Did I believe because it eased my pain and suffering? Or because I just wanted to create an illusion, where nothing had really happened? Either answer sounded like an excuse in the face of the truth. The real question was: what's the truth behind my believe?

Blossom: I just do, Buttercup.

Buttercup: ... You don't know, do you?

Blossom: What difference does it make? Even if I knew the answer, Bubbles wouldn't come back, so there's no point in talking about this. Let's just get going.

With that I started flying again. It is said that the truth hurts, but this was overwhelming. Saying those things to Buttercup made me feel evil for having crushed Buttercup's hope and my believe at the same time. We are different from others. We possess superhuman powers and as we grow older, our old powers will evolve and new ones are born. At least that's what the professor had thought about as one of the many theories. Maybe that's why Buttercup visited Bubbles' grave in hope that she would gain a new power. The power to resurrect. Everyone knew that kind of power is a world wide taboo. No one is meant to have that God-like power. As we continued to fly, I suddenly flew down full speed, Buttercup right behind me. We crashed through the ground and made it to HIM's layer. Surprisingly, though, HIM wasn't in his lair.

Buttercup: Where is he? Isn't he usually right here watching what's happening up there?

Blossom: He should be. The only time he wouldn't be here is when he's wrecking havoc on Townsville.

And we knew that HIM wasn't in the city. We would have heard him.

Blossom: Is he somewhere else?

Buttercup: (looks at the surroundings) Wait a minute, Blossom. Was HIM's lair this big with so many corridors?

Indeed, even I now noticed it. HIM's lair looked much bigger than I remembered and there were 6 corridors, 3 on the left, 3 on the right.

Blossom: He must have gone through one of these.

Buttercup: Which one? I don't want to go the wrong one. Who knows what traps might await us.

I felt like a lab rat in a maze. Checking all those corridors could take forever unless we first fly into a trap. Choosing the right one seemed impossible.

Buttercup: HIM knew we were coming. He wouldn't have otherwise done this.

That made me fear more of what HIM had in store for us. Then I had an idea.

Blossom: Let's try and listen very carefully. He must be causing sound somewhere.

Buttercup nodded and so we used our superhearing to locate HIM. Oddly enough, I think we both heard wind coming from one of the corridors. Must have been a way out or something else. But then I heard it. The sounds of steam and molten lava.

Blossom: Buttercup, do you hear a molten lava?

Buttercup: I hear too many sounds, but yes, I think so. Why do you ask?

Blossom: Because I have a feeling we'll find HIM there. It's this corridor.

I went to the third corridor on the left.

Buttercup: You sure? It could be a lava trap.

Blossom: You know just as well as I, that lava doesn't hurt us. Let's go.

And so we flew to an unknown corridor. Sure it was possible that it was a trap, but I had remembered my last night's nightmare yet again. For that I was ready to take my chances, though I sensed Buttercup was very unsure. I didn't blame her. The corridor seemed to go on forever. I had lost the track of time, but I heard the lava closing in. The walls looked so slimy for some reason. They scared me. Buttercup kept her eyes and ears open for anything suspicious. I began to think of everything that had ever happened to me in these last two months. They looked so gloomy, full of sadness and despair, but mostly painful. Every nightmare has it's own terror, which the sleeper has to confront. I never want to face them ever again. Having seen nightmares for the last two months is enough for the rest of my life. Rest of my life... how long is that?

Buttercup: (stops) Blossom, stop!

Blossom: (also stops) What is it now?

Buttercup: Shh...

Silence filled the air. I tried to hear anything suspicious, but all I picked up was the sound of molten lava.

Blossom: I don't hear anything suspicious.

Buttercup: That's odd. (flies next to Blossom) I was sure I heard something very odd.

Blossom: You're imagining things. This kind of place can easily make you hear odd sounds.

Buttercup: Maybe, but I still have a bad feeling about this. Have you felt like someone is watching you right now?

Blossom: No, now come on!

I started flying again, but Buttercup stayed behind. She looked at me worriedly. Usually Buttercup didn't fear anything. Nothing at all. That's why I wondered why she did all of a sudden. I can only tell the next thing on Buttercup's point of view. I was looking at the ground, while Buttercup was looking in front of her. She saw a glitter in the darkness and I was nearing it. Then she saw it. The barrel of a gun.

Buttercup: Blossom, look out!!

Blossom: ?

I looked in front of me.


An enormous pain ran through my head, while I fell to the ground. I could hear Buttercup gasping from what she had just seen.

Buttercup: BLOSSOM!!!

I didn't know where the bullet had gone exactly. The pain made sure of that. I saw two lasers coming from Buttercup's direction. They stopped and in seconds, I saw Buttercup's head in front of me. She was so horrified. I didn't hear anything, but I was sure she was calling my name, desperately wanting me to say or do something, anything. Everything went red then and my eyes started to close. Everything went black and then everything was silent. Silent and peaceful. The pain had stopped. I then felt a warm touch on my cheek and I heard a very distant, familiar voice.

???: Don't give up, Blossom...