The Souls of Fallen Angels

Chapter 4

I could hear how my heart beated from fear. I ran outside and started flying to where I had seen the lightning strike. Buttercup had seen me.

Buttercup: Hey, wait up! Where are you going?

I couldn't answer her. Not with all the things that were running in my mind at that time. I had to make sure everything was alright. I landed in front of the cemetery, Buttercup right behind me.

Buttercup: What are we doing here?

Blossom: You saw it, didn't you?

Buttercup: The lightning? No, I only heard it.

I flew inside. When I made it to my sister's grave, I could only watch in shock at what I saw. The whole grave was burning.

Buttercup: We got to put this fire out quickly.

She went and took a whole barrel of water. I was just standing, watching as the flames burned all the flowers and the tombstone. The fear I had felt grew bigger as I remembered the dream I had. I snapped out as smoke suddenly rose up, blinding me. When it cleared, I saw Buttercup with the barrel. The grave was in terrible shape. Part of the tombstone had broken and all the flowers had burned to dust. They say that a dream is just a dream. I wasn't sure about that anymore.

Buttercup: That was quite a fire from a... lightning. Blossom, how did you know?

Would she believe it?

Blossom: ... I... just knew.

Buttercup: Just knew, huh? Somehow, I don't believe that. You knew exactly where that lightning stroke. Furthermore, why didn't you use your ice breath immediately after you saw the fire?

My ice breath. I had been so terrified, that I had totally forgotten my ice breath. The damage could have been lesser.

Buttercup: (looks the grave) Oh man... what a big mess. We better get a new tombstone. No one could ever rest in peace if the place is like this.

Blossom: How can we buy one? We already spent a lot to this one.

Buttercup: We'll ask the professor about it.

Blossom: You truly think he'd want to hear about this?

That made Buttercup quiet. Having this kind of news told to the professor would only hurt him. That I was sure about.

Blossom: Let's go back to school. We can worry about this later.

Buttercup: Oh no you don't. You're gonna explain everything to me right here right now. Has something happened recently?

Blossom: What do you mean?

Buttercup: You think I've forgotten what happened two months ago? Back then you blamed yourself for killing Bubbles. You told me later it was because of a nightmare. Tell me, Blossom, have you seen any nightmares recently?

I looked at Buttercup, surprised that she even remembered that, let alone deducted that I have been having nightmares.

Buttercup: It's no surprise anymore. It would explain why you're much more tired than me and why you're afraid to come here. You've seen those kinds of nightmares again, haven't you?

Blossom: I'm amazed, Buttercup. Was it that obvious?

Buttercup: More than obvious. I think even Ms. Keane noticed it.

Blossom: When did you realize?

Buttercup: I didn't. I guessed it a few days ago, when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw your side empty. I heard a toilet flushing and guessed you were there. You didn't sound good at all. I even heard crying.

Blossom: Why didn't you talk about it then?

Buttercup: I don't know. I guessed you already realized the obvious fact, that those nightmares can't hurt you.

I lifted the broken piece of tombstone.

Blossom: Then how do you explain this? I saw a dream... no, a vision, that a lightning would strike at our sister's tombstone.

Buttercup: Coincidence, Blossom. Just a big coincidence.

I thought about those words, but they didn't convince me. This was a dream come true, in a bad way.

Blossom: Let's go to school and straight to home then.

When we got back to school, everyone had wondered where I had gone. I explained the incident to them and as one might guess, they were shocked. Ms. Keane was so shocked, that she let us go home early. Buttercup didn't ask anymore questions. After we got home, I went into my room and thought about the incident at the graveyard. For what had felt like an eternity, I had finally visited Bubbles' grave. Only this visit was a disaster and not the like I had hoped for. Buttercup came in.

Buttercup: What are you gonna do about it?

Blossom: What can I do? I can't stop myself from seeing these dreams, unless you know a way to make me stay awake through every night.

I knew that would be impossible. She'd be forced to stay awake too and I really didn't want that even if it could make these nightmares go away. I closed my eyes, but not falling asleep.

Buttercup: There has to be a way to stop...

As I listened to Buttercup, her voice began to fade away somehow, then everything became quiet. Had I fallen asleep again? I opened my eyes, but all I saw was darkness all around me. Someone touched my elbow from behind. I felt frozen, but I wasn't panicking.

???: Help me... help... please...

The voice sounded so familiar, like an echo from the past. I couldn't understand it. I was supposed to be awake. Something clicked in my head and then I knew.

Blossom: Bubbles? Is that you?

Bubbles: Stop... ... me...

Blossom: What? What do you mean? Save you from what?

Bubbles: Save me... ... weak... ... ... pain...

Tears were welling up in my eyes.

Blossom: Please tell me where you are and I'll help you!

All was suddenly so quiet, that I heard my heart, beating so wild that I thought it would explode. Then I heard breathing. Her breathing.

Bubbles: ... ... ... ... HIM...

???: Blossom... Blossom... wake up!

I opened my eyes, sat up and gasped at the same time. Buttercup was right next to me, looking very worried.

Buttercup: Geez, Blossom, you frightened me big time.

Blossom: What... happened?

Buttercup: I was trying to think up a way to make you stay awake. I saw you resting, so I went and touched you. I got so scared, when I felt your whole body was cold. So cold I almost thought you were...

I hugged Buttercup.

Blossom: Shh... it's alright. It's...

Buttercup: ... not alright. What's happening to us?

"What's happening to us?" A question I'd give my life to get the answer to it. The whole thing was beyond our control. Too much for us to handle by ourselves. I then remembered my little dream, if you could call it that.

Blossom: Listen, Buttercup. Something has happened to our sister.

Buttercup: What are you talking about?

Blossom: Believe it or not, but just now, I heard Bubbles' voice. She was pleading for help.

Buttercup: Blossom, it was just a dream.

Blossom: Was it, Buttercup? Think about it. I saw a vision, that a lightning would strike right at Bubbles' grave and soon after it, a lightning stroke and put Bubbles' grave on fire. You saw it.

Buttercup stayed quiet for a moment.

Buttercup: ... Why was she pleading for help?

Blossom: I don't know, but I do know who might be causing it.

Buttercup: Who, Blossom?

Blossom: Let's pay a visit to HIM.

Buttercup: HIM? What does HIM have to do with all of this?

Blossom: I don't know. Probably nothing. Everything. Now come on.

Buttercup: What? You mean we're going there right now?

Blossom: Yes, or otherwise this whole thing will bother me forever.