The Souls of Fallen Angels

Chapter 3

Morning came too fast for me. It always did. The nightmares I've seen always scared me and I didn't want to go back to sleep. One was enough for me. I've thrown up enough for the rest of my life, maybe over. I couldn't understand how Buttercup could sleep so peacefully with me turning around all the time. I guess she was such a heavy sleeper. That at least was something good in this whole thing. The last thing I'd need is for Buttercup and the professor to get so worried about me. We already had enough troubles as it was. After coming out of the bathroom, I went to the kitchen to have breakfast. Buttercup wouldn't be up for an hour yet. Eating cereals alone wasn't exactly what anyone would call peaceful. On the contrary, it was spooky, at least at this time of the morning. The sun was getting up on the horizon and brought faint light to the kitchen. As usual, the professor had been sleeping in his laboratory. It made me worried so much, that I wanted to ask him not to overdo himself. On the other hand I somehow understood him. He was just drowning his sorrow by working on his inventions, if he even could do it. I heard a door opening from upstairs. Buttercup had woken up. She came to the kitchen.

Buttercup: Morning, Blossom.

Blossom: Morning. Did you sleep well?

Buttercup: Yeah, but you obviously didn't. Your eyes are so droopy.

She was right of course. All these half-slept nights had taken a lot from me, made me tired more than usual.

Blossom: I presume you slept alright.

Buttercup: Yeah.

She took some cereals as well

Blossom: Wanna walk to school today?

She looked at me, surprised.

Buttercup: Fine by me, but then we'd better leave right after I've eaten.

Blossom: Take your time. No rush.

She looked at me, worriedly. I was so tired, that I wanted to skip the school and just sleep more, but that would mean another nightmare for me. Even going to school didn't feel good, not for a long time, but I knew I had to study for the sake of the professor and us.

Buttercup: Okay, I'm done. Let's go.

We left to school. Walking and fresh air didn't wake me up much. Pokey Oaks Kindergarden hadn't changed at all though 2 days later after that day, on a Monday, Ms. Keane asked the whole class to draw our most favorite moment we spent with Bubbles.


Me and Buttercup were still sorrowing the loss, remembering all kinds of moments we have had with our sister. Such nice and happy memories. Princess was there at that day, smiling I bet for the fact that we had lost our sister. After we all had drawn, we put them on a wall. All drawings were so great and emotional. They raised such great memories... except one. When we looked at Princess' drawing, we were horrified.

Princess: Well since one of you is dead, I guessed you'd need a little help now when fighting crime.

The drawing showed me, Buttercup and Princess together.

Blossom: How dare you? HOW DARE YOU!?

I attacked Princess, which took her by surprise. I hit her hard anywhere I could. Everyone else were shocked about my reaction. Buttercup came and split us up, but I wanted Princess to pay. Pay for doing such a thing while we were still sorrowing. Pay for even thinking about replacing Bubbles. Buttercup pushed me back, while Ms. Keane checked the Princess. She was in bad shape, so Ms. Keane called an ambulance. Buttercup forced me to sit down and then slapped me on the face.

Buttercup: Why the heck did you go and do that!?

Blossom: Don't tell me you didn't feel it! She...

Buttercup: I know what she drew. Believe me, I wanted to attack her too, but... she wasn't worth it, dear sister. She wasn't worth it.

I then realized what I had done. The same feeling I had felt when attacking Mojo had gotten the best of me. I bowed my head and cried. When Ms. Keane came back, I didn't want to look at her face.

Ms. Keane: Blossom Utonium, do you realize what you did?

I just kept crying.

Ms. Keane: While I do understand the reason, it was still a bad thing to do. I'm afraid I have to notify this to the professor, but if it helps you both, I'll take the drawing away from the wall.

She had always been such a great teacher. She understood even such as me. She knew this thing was so saddening for us. Notifying the professor was nothing. I was lucky not to go to jail again. Buttercup stayed at my side, calming me down.

(End of flashback)

The professor didn't punish me much. He also understood. I just had to be in my room the whole day. All the others were terrified of me after that event, even though they understood why I did that. They hated the Princess for pulling such a stunt on such delicate moment. Nevertheless, the drawings were put to a wall, so we would never forget our joyous sister. We were now at school. Everyone looked so happy, like the whole ordeal had never happened. Either they had just forgotten her or they were trying to cover their sadness. Those seemed to be something I could never do. We went inside. The first thing I looked at were the drawings, still hanging from the wall. We sat down on our chairs and Ms. Keane came in.

Ms. Keane: Good morning class.

Class: Good morning, Ms. Keane.

After the incident with Princess, Ms. Keane had been worried about me and Buttercup. She had been trying to call professor and discuss about the matter, but every time one of us answered and said the professor was in his lab. That worried Ms. Keane even more. We had told her that the professor did come out at dinnertime, but that didn't relieve her even one bit. Those weren't the worst things, though. Everytime the hotline rang at school, she noticed our expressions and saw what we felt and after we came back, we looked so tired, that we couldn't concentrate. She sent us to home in hope that we could rest. No such luck. We were now having math. I was hoping no emergencies would come up today. I so wanted to rest.

Ms. Keane: Alright, who can solve this problem?

Eight plus ten minus eight. She had put an easy math problem, but I wasn't into answering. I wasn't sure if anyone else had noticed, but usually in math, I had raised my hand on every question and got every answer right. Now I barely raised my hand at all. Robin had raised her hand.

Ms. Keane: Robin.

Robin: The answer is ten.

She was right of course. Ms. Keane smiled and wrote the answer. Robin Schneider. She had cried more than anyone else at our sister's funeral besides us. She was the only one who ever visited us anymore. Others were either too scared to come or too unsure, because they didn't know what to say to us. It didn't matter to us. I thought it was better that way. No emergencies came so the class went well. Recess came sooner than I thought. Usually I'd gone outside somewhere to study, but now I stayed inside, resting. Buttercup went outside, knowing to leave me alone. I had to wonder where Buttercup got enough energy to go outside and play with others, especially since all these emergencies made us tired. I looked at the drawings. They still brought many good memories of her, but at the same time they saddened me. I wished I could rip these memories apart with my hands and forget all this. It would have stopped my sadness. I closed my eyes, while letting the tears go by.


I saw something far away. It was a tombstone, but I couldn't read whose. Suddenly a lightning stroke at it and a big piece came off of it. I walked to the piece and picked it up, only to get horrified at what I saw. The tombstone belonged to Bubbles.

"Help me..."

That voice reached into my mind, chilling my spine

"Please, Blossom..."

Was it a ghost? I couldn't tell. The voice kept repeating my name, asking for help.


I opened my eyes in shock. Someone still called my name. I turned my head to see Robin, looking at me worriedly.

Robin: You alright, Blossom? You seemed like you had a nightmare.

I checked the clock. I had only slept for 5 minutes.

Blossom: Why aren't you outside?

Robin: I'm worried about you two. You both don't look so well. Are you still sad about... you know?

I knew what she meant. I looked at the pictures once again.

Blossom: I don't know.

Robin: You aren't the only one who misses her.

Blossom: It's been two months already.

Robin: It doesn't matter how long has it been. Don't think we've forgotten about her.

She left. Her words made me shame on myself, Such thought that they had forgotten didn't feel right at all. It felt like a crime. I noticed my face was wet from sweat. It didn't feel like a dream. Rather like a vision. I looked outside. The sky looked clear, but something bothered me. Call it an instinct. Then out of nowhere, one single lightning stroke far away on the ground. Everyone turned their attention to that direction. I felt like that lightning had stroke at my heart and that brought a terrible fear to me.

Blossom: Bubbles!