The Souls of Fallen Angels

Chapter 2

The dream is usually random, nothing that hurts you. But these nightmares were nothing like that nightmare at one time. If someone says you'd get used to such dreams or that dreams don't hurt you, they're wrong.

I saw myself standing in front of my room. The whole scene whirled for a while and when it didn't, it bent into odd shapes. I saw Buttercup flying out of the living room and coming upstairs. She looked so sad.

Blossom: What's wrong, Buttercup?

She didn't say anything. She flew past me and into her room. Right after she closed the door, I heard furnitures moving like an explosion had just occurred. I looked down and saw that the living room was a mess.

Blossom: Who's there? Professor?

I flew down. The scene bent worse and when I reached to living room, I suddenly saw myself from the other side of the room. Something was closing on me fast. I didn't have time to react. It pushed me hard and I fell. I heard someone climbing the stairs, but I looked to the other side of the living room and to my horror saw the professor lying on the ground on a pool of blood. A knife had been stabbed on his forehead. I ran towards him, but when I got close to him, he disappeared, but the blood stayed. I was so horrified. The blood started to move and started floating in the air. It formed the words "The flesh" right in front of me. Right then, whirling began and I saw myself from other side of the room again. This time I heard shots coming from upstairs and a loud scream.

Blossom: Buttercup!

I ran towards my room, but the staircase felt much longer than usual. I heard Buttercup's voice.

Buttercup: NO, PLEASE DON'T!!

Another set of shots. I finally reached upstairs but then I wished I hadn't. The door was closed and blood came under it. I smashed the door open, only to see my sister lying dead on the bed and myself holding a familiar gun. The other me aimed at me immediately and fired. Everything went black, but I felt I was falling. Something shone on my eyes brightly and then I felt something touching my face. It was burning me. I opened my eyes, only to get frightened. I was looking at a burning skeleton with a round looking skull. The fire burnt my skin so painfully I wanted to scream and yet my mouth didn't open. All I saw was fire. I then splashed on a thin water layer, falling right through it, and then I crashed on hard ground. I opened my eyes and touched my face. I seemed to be okay, but I felt hot. Then my surroundings turned into fire and lava. I knew immediately where I was. A path rose up from lava, leading to something that looked like a throne. I didn't want to go there, but what other way was there? I walked to the throne, guessing what might happen. Pink smoke appeared and soon HIM stood in front me.

Blossom: What are you doing here?

HIM: Why this is my layer, Blossom. The place where murderers and other criminals go after their life ends and you, Blossom Utonium, are a murderer.

Blossom: I'm no murderer!

HIM: That's not what the other poor girl said, when she came here.

Blossom: Who?

HIM just grinned and from his back appeared someone I truly didn't expect.

Blossom: Bubbles!?

She looked so different. Her clothes were ripped and one of her eyes was covered in bandage.

Bubbles: Surprised, my dear sister?

Blossom: How can you be here?? You lived a good life. You shouldn't be here!

Bubbles: You mean I should be in heaven? Let me tell you something: there's no heaven!

Blossom: But...

Bubbles: Shut up, you murderer!!

She blew and I was pushed to a coffin, that had appeared out of nowhere. It closed and I was at darkness once again. I felt how the coffin fell onto the ground. Something wasn't right. There was a continuing sound coming from above. I then felt something on my hands. It was gravel. I gasped at the realization. I wasn't on the ground, I was under it. I slammed the cover hard like hoping someone would hear.

Blossom: Bubbles! Bubbles, please don't do this to me!! We're sisters! Bubbles! Buttercup! Anybody!! HELP ME!!!

My hand was suddenly grabbed and I was pulled out. I was breathing deeply and didn't see who had rescued me.

Blossom: Thank you, oh thank you...

???: Anytime, my fallen angel.

I got scared of that familiar voice. I looked forward and saw Mojo Jojo in front me.

Blossom: But you're dead!

Mojo: As are you or did you forget? Let me prove it to you.

He came to me and pierced my chest easily. I couldn't breath at all.

Mojo: Do you hear it?

I couldn't answer.

Mojo: Right now, I'm touching your heart. Do you hear it's beat?

I was barely able to concentrate on anything, but I tried. I didn't hear anything. I then realized what Mojo was trying to prove.

Mojo: Didn't think so. Therefore you don't need this at all!

An immense pain suddenly stroke as he pulled my heart out. He laughed maniacally, holding my heart in his hand. I fell and watched as Mojo ran away, his laugh echoing in my ears. I couldn't breath, I couldn't move. My eyes were open, but I was sure I was dead now. All was quiet at last. I was alone... so alone. Even dead, I could hear something. I heard a strong wind. I then saw a black smoke coming at me like a streak of light. It swept through my whole body. For some reason I still felt great pain. When the smoke cleared up, I saw myself as a skeleton, which soon turned to dust.

When waking up from such dream, the world is a total blur, your breathing is fast and deep. I woke up like that, sitting up without even realizing it. I looked at my surrounding. It was so dark at first, but then I saw Buttercup, sleeping quietly on the bed. I didn't feel so good. I got up quietly and went to the bathroom. I threw up for a long time and after that I looked at myself from the mirror. I cried.

Blossom: How long do I have to see these nightmares? I can't stand it...