The Flesh of Fallen Angels


The people of Townsville had gathered at the church. There, on the altar, was a chest and inside it, Bubbles. She was so beautiful. The professor, Buttercup and me were next to Bubbles. Seeing my sister lying there made me cry. I wanted her back. I wanted to see her smile, her joy. I took a piece of paper from my pocket. It was the picture that me and Buttercup had started to draw in school. We finished it earlier today. It was a picture of Bubbles, me and Buttercup. Bubbles was in the middle, holding our hands and smiling. I put it inside the chest.

"This picture is for you, Bubbles. Remember us wherever you are." I said.

Tears ran down my cheeks. I still couldn't believe that we had to say goodbye to our Bubbles.

"Bubbles, I never had a chance to apologize all the teasing I had done for you. Even if it is too late to say it now, I'll say it anyway." Buttercup said, but stopped for a moment. "Bubbles, I'm sorry for all the teasing I've done for you."

She also wanted her back. She really couldn't let her go. Neither could I. The professor remained quiet. This was too painful to him. It was time to carry Bubbles out to graveyard. Me and Buttercup carried the chest, the professor walked in front of us and the rest behind us. It was probably the biggest funeral procession ever.

We buried Bubbles on the tallest place there was in the graveyard. After a moment, everyone except me, Buttercup and the professor, left the place. I looked at the tombstone. "The city's beloved Powerpuff Girl and our sister, Bubbles Utonium" was written there.

"Come on, girls. There's nothing else we can do here." the professor said.

"I don't want to leave." Buttercup said. "I want to stay here with Bubbles."

"Buttercup, I know you don't want to let her go..." I said. "...and you don't have to. You know why?"

She shrugged her head.

"Because she will be inside us all. Right here in our hearts and memories. She will always be with us that way." I said.

She looked at me with her teary eyes. She hugged me while letting her tears run freely.

"Let's go, Buttercup." I said.

And so we left Bubbles' grave. We would never forget her and her influence in this city and to us. She was our little angel. I thought that me and Buttercup were angels too. We were born from the same ingredients. We were all from the same flesh.

Something bothered me. Deep inside me I felt something was wrong. Something still didn't make sense. I wondered if everything was alright. I told myself that it was bad memories, bad feelings. I shook every bad feeling away, not wanting to think about any of those things. All I wanted to think was happy memories about times we spent together with Bubbles.

The End