The Flesh of Fallen Angels

Chapter 6

It was time to deal with the one who killed our sister. We were almost there, Mojo's observatory. The closer we got, the more my anger rose. I had never felt like that before. I wanted to revenge the death of my sister so badly, that I forgot Buttercup, who was following all the way, probably feeling the same way as me. I wasn't sure. Her voice reached me.

"What's the plan, Blossom?" she asked.

"...I don't know. Let's just crash through the roof and find Mojo."

I didn't care how we would do it. I was too angry to think. In my head, images kept changing, from the bullet to Bubbles' body. I imagined how Bubbles was killed by that bullet. The dream, the writing, all of them made me so angry that any villain would have been scared of me at that time. Deep inside me I had a bad feeling. We were closing so fast, that I didn't have any time to think a suitable strategy. We were there.

"Alright, Buttercup! Let's crash through the roof. Be prepared for anything!" I said.

I didn't want to lose Buttercup too. That feeling, however, got covered by all that anger and revenge I felt.


We crashed through the roof and landed on the floor. Unexpectedly, the whole room was dark. Not a single light was on. The only light came from the hole we made. It was something I really didn't expect. At that time happened something so awful that was even more unexpected.



It was a gunshot. It scared me so much that I felt having a heart attack.

"Be careful, Buttercup! Mojo must be somewhere near us." I said.

I didn't get any answer. I turned around to see Buttercup. I wasn't prepared for what I saw. My other sister, Buttercup, had been shot to the right side of the chest. Time had stopped for me. I didn't believe my eyes. I had that same expression when I had seen Bubbles. What I didn't notice that the lights were on. Mojo was sitting on a chair at the opposite wall. Hearing his voice snapped me back to reality.

"Welcome, Powerpuff Girls. Or should I say 'Blossom' only?"

"Buttercup!" I yelled.

I wasn't really listening. Seeing Buttercup lying there crushed my mind. Tears began to well up in my eyes. I heard Mojo's voice again.

"It's about time you came here. I was almost worried that you wouldn't. And to think I had finally come up with a perfect plan to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, which already one is dead and the other one is dying. There's only one bullet left in my weapon and guess who's going to be the victim."

I turned to see Mojo, tears running down my cheek. Mojo seemed to be holding a pistol like weapon, but it looked different than any other weapon I've seen. I looked back at Buttercup. She laid there so still, without making any kind of sound at all. It pained me so much that I felt my heart was breaking into pieces. My face turned into anger. I turned to face Mojo.

"Hah! Now that you are all alone, Blossom, I can easily kill you too with my last bullet I have in my gun." he said. "Don't worry. I promise it'll be quick and painless, little angel."

The last words triggered a memory in me. In the dream I had seen last night, an unknown voice had called Bubbles a fallen angel. The last words from Mojo and the voice from my dream sounded exactly the same. My eyes widened at the realization.

"You should have seen how Bubbles got scared when she noticed me at the door with this gun. Before she even realized anything, I pulled the trigger and her life ended in a blink of an eye. I really wanted to see your faces when you found your sisters body." Mojo said.

That was the last straw. Mojo had gone too far this time. He was pointing at me with his gun and I was too far. My anger rose beyond the limits.

"Say goodbye, Blossom." Mojo said.

I screamed with all my might. I attacked Mojo with so incredible speed and fury, that Mojo didn't have time to pull the trigger. I didn't care where I punched and kicked Mojo. One of the kicks hit Mojo's hand where the weapon was. It flied in the air for a moment. I just kept punching and kicking Mojo. Then suddenly a loud noise stopped me.


The gun had triggered when it hit the floor. I looked at it for a moment. It pointed straight at me. I checked myself, but I didn't feel any different. I turned back to face Mojo, who was lying on the floor by that time, and I was about to attack him again when I noticed something. The last bullet from that gun had hit Mojo's head, right between the eyes. I knew immediately that he was dead. He laid there same way as Buttercup. I breathed heavily after all that fighting. I felt kind of weak so I let myself fall to the floor. I dragged myself next to Buttercup, who hadn't moved at all.

"Buttercup... Buttercup!"

My feelings turned into bottomless sorrow. Had I lost both of my sisters? I didn't want to live alone.

"There's no way I'm giving up on you!" I said.

I took Buttercup's body and hurried back home, not looking back. I didn't want to lose her too. I had determined not to give up.

Back at home the professor was treating Buttercup. I was relieved that the bullet had not harmed any vital organs. The professor said Buttercup would be just fine. She just had to sleep in the lab that night only.

"It's been a long day for you two. I suggest you both go to sleep. Tomorrow we will have a funeral for Bubbles." the professor said with a little sad voice.

"Okay, professor. You get well, Buttercup. That's an order." I said.

"You know me, leader girl." she said.

I sure did. I left the lab and went into my room. I noticed that the writing had vanished from the wall. I thought that the professor had invented a way to remove the writing somehow. It relieved me even more. While I was preparing myself to sleep, I wondered how Bubbles would have felt seeing Buttercup in that state. I imagined her drawing a picture to Buttercup and smiling like usual. It made me happy. I smiled for the first time after Bubbles' death. I felt like a heavy load was removed from my heart. That night I could sleep without any worries.

That's about it. That's what happened. My sister was killed by Mojo Jojo, who was killed by his own weapon and Buttercup... well, she survived, but not without a big bandage. Although I felt like the good old Blossom, I still sorrowed the loss of my sister, we all were. The kids from school had spread the word to everyone, so the whole Townsville heard the bad news very fast. Buttercup came inside.

"It is time, Blossom. We have to get ready." she said.


I was so glad that at least Buttercup had survived this whole thing. I wouldn't have known how to live my life, if I had lost Buttercup too. Today was the funeral day. It was time to put Bubbles into eternal rest.