The Flesh of Fallen Angels

Chapter 5

I didn't know how the first hours went. I was too sad and depressed to concentrate on anything. I felt like I was in another world, another place, where there was nobody else but me, a dark place. Everyone had vanished around me.

"Blossom... Blossom..." an echoing voice said.

I snapped back to reality. Ms. Keane and Buttercup were in front of me. Everyone else were outside.

"Blossom, are you okay? It's recess time." Ms. Keane said

"Hm? Oh... I'm okay, Ms Keane." I said after snapping back completely.

There was a momentary silence. Then Buttercup said:

"Then come out, Blossom. I want to talk to you alone."

She sounded kind of serious. I nodded and started heading out with Buttercup. At doing so I looked back at Ms. Keane. She had a very worried look on her face. I had never seen such worried look on Ms. Keane's face. When we reached outside, Buttercup started flying up. I looked one more time at Ms. Keane and then I too started flying up, following Buttercup. She stopped in mid-air. After I reached her, she turned around to face me.

"Why did you say that kind of thing, Blossom?" she asked.

"What thing?"

"You said that this whole thing is your fault. Why did you say that?"

"...I don't know, Buttercup. I guess I feel guilty."

There was silence for a moment. Buttercup looked at me like I had just said something unbelievable.

"Guilty? You were with me and the professor when Bubbles died. How can you blame yourself for Bubbles' death?" Buttercup asked.

"Because I'm the leader of the Powerpuff Girls and I'm supposed to take care of everyone, including my sisters. Now I've failed at that responsibility. Some leader I turned out to be."

I almost started crying again. Buttercup came closer to me and took one of my hands.

"Blossom, we have both failed in that duty, but I'm not feeling any guilt for losing Bubbles. I only regret that I cannot apologize to her all the teasing I've done for her anymore. There is only one to be blamed at this and that's the one who killed our sister." she said.

"...Yeah, I guess you're right."

The school bell rang. It was time for art class. While we were going inside, I thought what Buttercup had said. The guilt I had felt had already torn me apart. Now I didn't know how I felt. I remembered my dream where Buttercup had called me a murderer. That image broke down. It was then I felt myself as a renewed Blossom, with no guilt at all, only sadness.

When the papers were given to us, Buttercup and I decided to draw a common picture. We didn't get to finish our drawing, because at that time, the hotline rang. I answered it.

"Yes, Mayor? What is it?" I asked.

But it wasn't the Mayor that was speaking.

"Blossom, come home quick! I need to show you something right away. "

"Professor? What is it?"

"I'll tell you when you get home. "

"Okay, we'll come right away."

I hang up the phone and turned to Buttercup.

"The professor has something important to show us, Buttercup. We must go see him!"

I turned to see Ms. Keane, who nodded.

"Go ahead, girls." she said, fully understanding.

We flew out from the door heading to see the professor. For some reason I felt scared at what he would show to us. For a moment I had forgotten the sadness and pain that I had felt since Bubbles' death.

"What do you think professor has to show to us?" Buttercup asked.

"I don't know. It sounded pretty important. We'll find out when we get home."

In less than a minute, we were at home. We flew straight to the lab and saw the professor sitting next to a table.

"Ah, girls. Thanks for coming so soon." he said.

"What was it you wanted to show us, professor?" I asked.

"This one, Blossom. I found it in your room."

He took a small thing from the table. It looked like a metal object. It also had a small blood mark on it's pointy head.

"What is it, professor?" Buttercup asked.

"It's a bullet, Buttercup. I think this was the one that killed Bubbles. That small blood mark matches Bubbles' blood."

"But bullets can't hurt us. They bounce off." I said.

"That's because this particular bullet isn't ordinary. It is made from duranium." the professor said.

My eyes widened at hearing this. Something clicked in my head. It all made sense now. The wound on Bubbles' chest and the bullet. Whoever did this had combined our current weaknesses together and used it against us. But a bullet is nothing without a weapon. I looked at the bullet. Something caught my eye. At the bottom of the bullet I saw a mark that looked awfully familiar.

"Whoever did this used some high technology... and I now know who killed Bubbles." I said.

"Who, Blossom?" Buttercup asked.

"This mark at the bottom of the bullet looks like the face of... MOJO JOJO!"

"What? Are you sure?" Buttercup asked.

"As sure as I can be, Buttercup." I said.

I turned to see Bubbles. She was still at the same place we left her, covered in white cloak. Looking at it didn't make me sad or depressed. Something else started to rose inside me. We now knew who the killer was so it was time to go and make a visit at the killer's place.

"We must go to Mojo's observatory! Let's roll, Buttercup!" I said.

"Right behind you, Red!"

We started flying to Mojo's observatory, leaving the professor in the lab. The odd feeling I felt earlier, finally got a name. It was anger. I was so angry and hungry for revenge. I wanted Mojo to pay for Bubbles' death. I wanted to kill him. We both did.