The Flesh of Fallen Angels

Chapter 4

I woke up on my bed, heavily sweating and breathing fast. At first I didn't know where I was. The things I had just seen kept going over and over again in my head. After awhile I saw that it was morning already, sun rising up to the sky. I realized that it all had been just a bad dream, a very convincing nightmare. I looked at the light blue cover on our bed. I had a dim hope that Bubbles' death had just been a nightmare, but she wasn't there sleeping. The bed was empty and untouched from her part. It made me so sad just by looking at it, knowing that she really would never come back again. The shadows from my dream had been right. For some reason I started feeling guilty. I heard Buttercup turning over on our bed. She looked uneasy and it looked like there were some tears coming from her eyes. She was obviously also seeing a dream, a nightmare, just like I had. I got a glimpse of the time. It showed 6.00 AM. I didn't want to sleep again, not after what I had seen. I tried to wake up Buttercup from her dream.

"Buttercup... Buttercup, wake up. You're having a dream."

"Uh... What? Where is she?"


"Bubbles! I saw her outside!"

"Buttercup, you had a dream. Bubbles is..."

"She's alive, isn't she?" she said it obviously with much deeper hope than I had.

"Buttercup... don't you remember yesterday? We found her right here from our room... dead."

The last word ripped my heart into two.

"NO! She isn't dead! She is alive! She... she can't... be... dead." she said.

She started crying again once the reality revealed to her. I tried to console her, but I knew that she wouldn't never accept the fact about her sister. I lied to myself that I could, but in reality it hurt me just as much as her. I had a terrible thought that we would never ever get over this.

"Buttercup, we have to accept it. We have to let her go."

"No, I don't want to let her go. I want her to be here with us."

I felt funny when she said that. For some reason I did feel Bubbles was somewhere near us. I shook that feeling away not wanting to have any memories about her at that time. I would have plenty of time for that later just like we all would. I looked back and saw that the writing was still there. I felt scary just by looking at it. I remembered a particular part from my dream. An unfamiliar voice had said "your flesh is so great, that you'll make a perfect fallen angel". The flesh of fallen angels. I didn't understand anything. The professor came inside.

"Good morning, girls."

"Good morning, professor."

"Time to prepare yourselves to school."

After he said that, none of us didn't move. It was as if we were waiting something to happen. It was so quiet. We all looked at the light blue cover. Then I remembered that every time when the professor had said "time to prepare yourselves to school", Bubbles had usually stood up immediately and joyed it by singing a song. Now everything was quiet. The professor understood this and said:

"Come on, girls. Get dressed and eat your breakfast. It's no use waiting that same joy we get to hear all the time from our little angel."

I felt strange again when he called Bubbles an angel. But he was right. We had to get ready for school. We didn't feel like doing everything fast, since we did have plenty of time to prepare ourselves. When we were eating breakfast or at least tried to, Buttercup asked:

"Blossom, what do you think killed Bubbles?"

I had thought about it too. I knew only two things that could hurt us: things made from duranium and a very, very sharp object. In these things it's never sure. I remembered the wound on Bubbles' chest.

"Well, whoever killed Bubbles used something small, possibly even a sharp thing and... I don't know." I said

I didn't want to imagine how she was killed, but I was also curious. When we had eaten our breakfast, it was time to go to school. We put our bags on and left. On the way to school, I couldn't help but think about Bubbles, who would have been happy about this day, because there would have been art, her favorite subject. It seemed that everything we looked and thought, reminded us about Bubbles.

"It sure is different now, isn't it Buttercup?" I asked

"Yeah, amazingly different. It feels like Townsville has changed."

"It sure has. It's as if they already know. *sigh *"

We reached to our school. We were obviously the last ones to come in. Ms. Keane stood behind her desk smiling as usual.

"Good morning, girls." she said

We couldn't answer back.

"What's wrong, girls? Where's Bubbles?"

The last question made me panic. I hadn't thought about what would I say to Ms. Keane about Bubbles. The truth would shock the whole class. Lying wouldn't make any difference, because they would hear it eventually anyway. Buttercup had put her head down, not wanting to tell the truth.

"Bubbles is lying in the professor's lab and she is covered by white cloak." I said


Tears were beginning to well up in Buttercup's eyes. I had to tell the truth.

"Because... because Bubbles is... is..."

I flew suddenly to Ms. Keane's lap.

"...she's dead!"

Everyone in the class were shocked for hearing this. Ms. Keane couldn't find any words either. I knew that it was so sudden for everyone to hear. I cried while hugging Ms. Keane.

"She's dead, Ms. Keane. And I think it's all my fault!" I said

The whole class gasped at this. Even Buttercup was now shocked at what I had said.

"It's all my... fault."