The Flesh of Fallen Angels

Chapter 3

I was standing in a dark place. There was only me, me and the shadows. I tried to fly, but for some reason my powers didn't work. I started running, calling out Buttercup and the professor. There was no answer. I felt all alone and cold. I had a feeling that shadows were passing through me. I kneeled and closed my eyes. The shadows didn't want to leave me alone even if I wanted them to leave. I had nowhere to run. After a moment the shadows left, but I still didn't want to open my eyes. Eventually I did, but I felt strange. I turned right and looked up. There I saw it again, "the flesh of fallen angels" written with fresh blood. I screamed and ran off.

After I stopped, I looked around. I saw a bright light high up from me. Then I saw someone standing in front of me.

"Help me!"

I knew the voice immediately. It was Bubbles. I ran faster and faster, but I didn't get any closer to her so I stopped. I cried because I couldn't see Bubbles' face. She was behind the shadows. The bright light shone very brightly. It shone on Bubbles, revealing her. I was happy for a second, until I saw a wound on her chest. She looked at me for a moment, then she fell. I just stood there, doing nothing. A light surrounded Bubbles' body. Right then I saw another light coming from below. It seemed to be a mass of fire burning.

"Help me, Blossom!"

I saw her falling down to the fire. I tried to run to her, but I felt the shadows were passing through me again. They stopped me. I could only helplessly watch as Bubbles fell in slow motion to the mass of fire.

"Why won't you help me, Blossom?"

"Bubbles!" It was too late for me to rescue her anymore. The fire burned higher when she fell to it. The shadows left me again.

"BUBBLES!" I kneeled and watched as the fire was burning, killing Bubbles, changing her to skeleton. I closed my eyes again. After opening my eyes, I still saw the fire, but Bubbles was gone. I started walking towards the fire. Suddenly I was somewhere else. I wasn't anymore in a dark place. I was at our house. I had my powers back, so I started flying around the house. I didn't see anyone downstairs or in the lab. I heard voices from our room. They sounded like Buttercup and the professor. I flew into our room. Buttercup and the professor were sitting on the bed, hugging each other.

"What's wrong, professor?" I asked

"What's wrong, you ask? I'll tell you what's wrong. My daughter is dead and it's all thanks to you, Blossom!"


"You heard me. It's all your fault that she's dead."

"Yeah! Without you, she would still be ALIVE!" Buttercup said.

Right after that I was pushed by invisible force to the opposite wall. I tried to move, but it was no use. I watched helplessly Buttercup and the professor. They disappeared and shortly after that, the shadows returned. They went to the wall where the bed was and started writing with their hands. When they finished, I saw the familiar sentence written with fresh blood. The shadows started to whisper to me.

"It's all your fault... she's gone and she's never coming back... you deserve to be a fallen angel... your flesh is great..."

I got scared of those words. They gave me chills. One of the shadows was in front of me.

"Let's see what's your flesh like."

The last sentence frightened me so much that I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn't. The next thing happened in slow motion. The shadow's hand closed me. It was going to my chest. I tried to scream, but no voice came out. When the arm pierced my skin, I saw myself from above. I saw blood dripping to the floor. I didn't want to see myself anymore. I forced my eyes close. I felt like I was in different place again. I opened my eyes. I was at the second floor corridor. I heard a faint voice.

"Blossom, help me!"

My powers didn't work again, so I didn't recognize the voice. I ran toward it. When I reached the stairs, the whole house began to glow orange light. In horror I noticed that our living room was burning. I heard a scream, that sounded like a man falling down a deep hole. I didn't recognize it. I continued walking towards the voice I had heard. Suddenly somebody yelled.

"No, please don't kill me. Please!"

I knew immediately that it was Bubbles' voice. I ran towards our room, but the door was locked. I overheard somebody.

"Unfortunely I do want to kill you. Your flesh is so great, that you'll make a perfect fallen angel."

Right after that I heard a very loud scream, then everything was quiet. I opened the door and saw Bubbles' body covered all over in blood. Behind me appeared Buttercup.

"Murderer, you killed her!"