The Flesh of Fallen Angels

Chapter 2

"Bubbles! Oh my god!" the professor said.

She laid there so still that it seemed like time had stopped for her. I couldn't believe what I saw and I was sure neither couldn't Buttercup. I couldn't describe my feelings that time. I guess I was confused and worried at the same time. She laid sideways, face to the bed. When the professor turned her, I saw where all that blood had come. There was a big wound on her chest and blood was dripping from it. There also seemed to be same kind of wound on her back across the first one. The professor carried Bubbles out from our room, probably going to his lab. I just stood there watching the pool of blood. Not blinking, not thinking, not doing a single move. Buttercup was in the same state for awhile, but then tears began to show up in her eyes.

"Please, Blossom. Tell me this is a dream. Please, tell me."

Despite her toughness, she was cracking up. I tried to console her.

"It's all right, Buttercup. Bubbles will be all right. She must be all right. She is a Powerpuff Girl after all."

Tears began to show up in my eyes too. In reality I was scared. I wanted to think that everything would be all right, but what I had seen shattered that thought to pieces like a mirror. Buttercup hugged me. She was crying loudly now. I joined her by hugging back and letting my tears run freely. None of us didn't want to lose Bubbles.

"What do you say we go and see how she's doing, Buttercup?" I asked. She just nodded to me. We started heading slowly towards the lab. I knew we both were afraid to go and see our sister in that state, but I had hoped that the professor had already healed Bubbles. Once we reached to lab door, I started shaking again. It was as if someone didn't want me to go and see Bubbles. Buttercup had her eyes closed so she didn't notice anything. She didn't apparently want to see her sister. I put a hand on her shoulder and gave a comforting smile. She looked back with her teary eyes and nodded to me. I knew we would be eventually needed anyway. I opened the door to the lab. At first I didn't see anything, but then I heard something. It was the sound of a crying man. We descended the stairs and saw that the professor was leaning to a bed where Bubbles was lying. There were no tubes or anything else put around her.

"Professor?" I called as I was closing him, Buttercup behind me. He didn't turn. When we got next to him, I saw him crying silently. I turned to see Bubbles. She really wasn't plugged to any machine and no tubes were connected to her. She just lay there untouched.

"Professor, why aren't you treating her?" I asked.

"Girls, I got some very bad news for you." he started, but stopped for a moment. "You're sister is... gone."

Both mine and Buttercup's eyes widened at hearing this. I had believed that the professor could heal Bubbles. Now I had just heard the impossible: Bubbles was dead. Buttercup didn't want to believe professor.

"No... no... NO! She can't be dead. You... you can do something... can't you." she said.

She really didn't want to accept the fact that Bubbles was gone. To tell the truth, neither could I.

"I'm afraid I can't, Buttercup." the professor said. "Whatever killed Bubbles went straight through her heart and back. She died in an instant."

"No! I don't want to believe that. She can't be..."

She kneeled and cried. I hugged the professor and also started crying. Neither of us couldn't accept this. The professor picked up Buttercup and looked at Bubbles. He covered her with white cloak.

"Rest in piece, my little angel." He carried us both out of the lab.

Later that night we tried to wash the writing from the wall, but it didn't come off. We decided to leave it there for now. It was time for me and Buttercup go to bed. We put our nightgowns, but at doing so we also looked at the light blue nightgowns. They made us sad. Almost everything in our room reminded us about Bubbles, especially her toy octopus and the pile of stuffed animals under her pillow. It felt so quiet without her. Buttercup remained quiet and depressed. Partially, because she didn't get to tease Bubbles anymore, but I was sure it was mostly because she missed Bubbles' joy. Tomorrow would be a school day. Bubbles would have joyed that back then, but now everything was quiet. When we had been tucked to bed, the professor kissed us both to cheeks.

"Goodnight, girls."

"Goodnight, professor."

When the door closed, both of us remained awake.

"Man, I still can't believe it." Buttercup said. "What in the world can kill a Powerpuff Girl and who did it?"

That was a million dollar question in whole for which we didn't have an answer.

"I don't know, Buttercup. I don't want to think about any of these things right now."

"Neither do I, actually."

"It's been a long day, Buttercup. Tomorrow will be even longer so let's just get some sleep."

I turned to see Bubbles' side of the bed. There was no need to leave an opening at the door anymore. Bubbles had always been afraid of the dark so we usually left an opening at the door for a dim light to come and shine on Bubbles. Now it felt like that light was dead. I closed my eyes, not wanting to think about it. But nothing could prepare me for something that happened during my sleep.